• Deeming is what Bush did to win the Iraq war when he announced “Mission Accomplished”.

    Deeming is what Bush did when he saved the people in New Orleans from the effects of Katrina.

    Deeming is what Bush did when he paid for the tax cuts with large budget deficits.

    Deeming is how Bush paid for the $1.2 trillion Medicare Part D health care package.

    Deeming is how Bush captured Osama.

    Deeming is how Bush justified torture as enhanced interrogation.

  • It’s better to have a television tuned to Fox News. That way you can be told exactly what to deem and never have to think for yourself. If you think for yourself, your liable to reach unamerican conclusions. For instance, if you don’t have Fox News to do all your thinking for you, you’re liable to believe that throwing a big hissy fit over a rule that has been used dozens of times for decades makes you look ridiculous.

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