Home Discussion Forum When will they be touring again?

When will they be touring again?

Does anyone know, or even have the faintest idea, when Incubus might be touring again? i never constantly check gig sites, therefore my theory is that if someone gives me a rough idea, ill put it in my diary and wont forget this way.


  1. i just checked their site and there are no updates. im sure they will be soon though esp. becuase of a new year. by the way good pick, i love incubus.

  2. They’re coming out with a new album this year I believe. And normally when bands come out with new albums they go on tour in support of it. If you want to know when the album comes out check their site or search, “new incubus album 2009” or something like that. Once they release it, it can be pretty much guaranteed that they’ll go on tour again.


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