When will the moon occult any of the brighter planets and where can I find the Info?

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Has there been any Moon/Planet occutations in the past and when are the next ones.

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considering that a planet is a dot in the sky, I hardly see how it would be all that fascinating.


Depends on where you live. I found this site, which lists two occultations remaining for this calendar year (both of Mars).
I saw the April 22 occultation of Venus (in morning daytime) in my 4.5 inch reflector. It was an amazing sight, watching a large crescent shape cover up a tiny one.
I’ll see if I can find more sites with better info. Providing your approximate location will make this easier.

The USNO has a good site too, but it also lists bright star occultaitons —> http://asa.usno.navy.mil/SecA/2009/olist09.html
Just click on the planet, asteroid, or star that is being occulted for a certaindate and a new window will pop up showing you where on the globe it will be visible.

Daryl S

+I BELIEVE it occulted Jupiter this month. I normally use this site to check events, but there are many others.


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