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When will the moon occult a visible planet again?

In stellarium I saw the moon partially occulting most of Venus some time in September 11 this year, but unfortunately both would have set by that time. I’m asking when will be the next one? moon occulting a naked eye planet? Thanks.
have set at that time–well, in my location.


  • How about these:
    6 May at 12:00 UT, Venus occulted, seen in northern Africa, Middle East, southern Asia

    05 Nov at 7:00 UT, Venus occulted, seen in southern Africa, western Australia (daytime)
    (but Venus is close to Sun)

    6 Dec at 23:00 UT, Mars occulted, seen in Manitoba to Carolinas (USA) and Cuba
    (but Mars is close to Sun)

    27 Jul 2011 at 17:00 UT, Mars occulted, seen in S. Pacific and SW South America

  • It depends on where you live. the moon is only 2000 miles across so an occultation seen in the northern hemisphere will not be seen in the southern hemisphere.

    Go back to your question and hit “edit” and say where you live, we don’t need an address, just the state or country.

    (I live in the UK)

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