When will it be time for the LDS Church to save the Government?

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Since the US Constitution is now hanging by a thread as predicted by the prophet Joseph Smith, (Praise to the man) is the Church beginning to fulfill it’s prophecy to replace the government with our higher, more spiritual law of Consecration?
We’ve seen the success of God’s communism in protecting our young, suggestible Saints from non-Mormon Gentiles who exploit them with titillating, vulgar displays of alcoholic beverages in stores and restaurants, but when you can’t go to your own grocery store without seeing filthy magazines right out in the open.. When they display clothing worn FAR below chastity boundaries set by our sacred garment underwear… as if exposing forbidden skin on arms and bellies, or above the knees is “sexy” or “the thing to do”…. when our children begin to think depictions of women in two piece swimsuits (sin-suits) is anything but pornography….. it’s time for God’s law!
We founded this state, and when Brigham young said “This is the place” he claimed it for God. If we ever want this to become the Celestial state of Zion we’ve been working toward for so long, It’s time to deal with those people who find it OK to violate Church Commandments in public. The laws are clearly outlined in the scriptures, and God didn’t just intend them for Mormons. Until this happens, Utah will never be transfigured and taken by Jesus, Adam, and Joseph Smith to the city of Enoch on the Moon. I’m not saying we should excommunicate Gentiles from the state (Unless, of course, they commit felony sins such as as sex before marriage, homosexual kissing, etc.), but state sponsored church courts should have presiding bishops who can dis-fellowship unworthy residents. “Judges in Zion” could issue restraining orders against sinners to bar activities that give influence on our state and children, (Advertising, teaching, voting, possessing unapproved literature/media, etc.) They could restrain them from partaking in government programs, and anything else directed by the Lord. We should, of course, offer mercy to the penitent by allowing confessions in abeyance to anyone who shows proof of baptism by court appointed Elders.
I hope this inspires you to see what trouble Utah is in. (And the rest of the country if you look at prop. 8) No this wasn’t serious, but it is a serious problem. These ideas here are shared by many Mormons. They’re the cause of countless outrageous laws on the Utah books, and they’re increasing their momentum. They caused wine coolers to be taken off the shelves everywhere but in government stores. They require stores to cover up swimsuit magazines. Smoking is banned in parks, and shortly, anywhere in public. They’re removing all sales tax, and shifting it to cigarettes, by making the average cost of a pack $7.00. Restaurants are banned from allowing customers to see alcohol containers other than glasses to protect children. Every time a Mormon law is passed, it’s to protect the kids. It’s become acceptable to enact laws to shelter children from ideas, and take away “Gentile” liberties. It’s disgusting. The vote of a majority is not greater than the rights of a minority. Taxes should not be used as a political weapon.

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Where exactly is this prophecy that the LDS church is going to take over the government?
EDIT: Never mind, I finally got to the part where you said this wasn’t serious.
You said, “Taxes should not be used as a political weapon.”
I don’t know why this is directed at Mormons…that’s a lesson the folks in Washington need to learn. Taxes in Utah are low, at least compared to where I live, Chicago. And talking about ridiculous laws…EVERY state and city has them. It’s not a Mormon problem. *rolls eyes*

Old Timer Too

The Constitution of the United States has been hanging by a thread for a long, long time.
As to outrageous laws being on the books, I don’t think that any state is exempt. There is the case that it is illegal to wear boots to bed (in one of the northeastern states).
Having studied the State of Utah (I’m not from Utah, but find the histories of the West to be fascinating), the LDS church gave up a lot of things it previously enjoyed and made some very large concessions for statehood. That included authority over the territorial schools and other public affairs.
With respect to cigarettes, it is against the law here in Illinois (since January of last year) to smoke in any business, except in specifically designated areas (usually outdoors) and in no business where food or liquor is served. Many states are adopting similar laws for obvious health reasons.
So called sin-taxes are used in many states (and lesser jurisdictions) as a form of revenue. They have no connection with religion, except on the surface with the name “sin-tax”. They certainly are not limited to Utah, but are predominant in many states, and especially those which have no tobacco industry.

Maiden of Artemis

If that ever happens, it will be time for me to load my guns and lead the revolt. I’ll be dead before I let that homophobic cult take over my country!

Mr. Wednesday

When will you stop preaching your silly thoughts? I”m glad you think that the country should be based on mormon beliefs. But, it ain’t gonna happen Shemp. Give it up. If you don’t like how Utah is being run, then move. It’s not that hard to do. Just like, if this were to ever really happen, I’d be moving to Canaduh. Or I’d kill myself. Both would be better than living under mormon rule.


Your church is the epitome of morality. Your founder had up to 200 wives. Some were taken from other church members for Josephs own pleasure.
My great grandfather did 14 months in federal prison in North Dakota for having two families in two different states.
Yup…..the mormon church is a fine example of morality.

Kelly T

When it’s time, not before, not after, and certainly not state by state.
You sound a little fanatic to me, and I don’t think you’ve asked this question to soften anybody’s views about the church. I think, my friend, that you’ll be the last to know.

Stephanie L

Way to go, you’ve completely exaggerated every point. I’m not even going to begin to address them all. I simply want to say that the LDS church has come out and suggested that the state loosen it’s liquor laws. It’s not the church’s fault if some crazy politicians are trying too hard to please their constituents. Furthermore, Utah is not the only state where smoking is banned from most public places. Last time I checked there were 13 other states that had similar laws..and that was a few years ago, so who knows if more have come along as well. As far as taxing more for cigarettes…well…it doesn’t’ seem fair, and yet, smoking around people who choose not to smoke doesn’t’ seem fair either. So…i don’t know how to solve that one for ya! Also, who’s to say when the constitution is hanging by a thread? Maybe it could get worse! I say, don’t worry about it, stop complaining and go do something to fix it if you’re so displeased with the current situation!


All the laws you just described are the same in Massachusetts which is rather liberal. Only difference is we have gay marriage.
Cigarettes are over 7 dollars here, taxes are higher, property taxes are higher, you can only find liquor at liquor stores and a few convinent stores and 1 super market chain.
Oh and we were forced to have gay marriage, the difference though is our state had less requirment on the bill than Californias. Massachusetts respects the rights of religions to marry who they want, while the california bill did not and would have required religious institutions to marry homosexuals which is unconstitutional.
so if I was in California i would have voted yes on prop 8. I’m not interested in taking the rights away from others so a minority can have a previlege and increase extremism.

R Rosskopf

Your reference is to an obscure prophecy that said the constitution was unlikely to be saved, but if it was saved it would be by a member of the church. Few people realize it, but significant portions of the constitution have been ignored for many years. Part of the constitution of the United States is the Bill of Rights. One of those rights is the right to Freedom of Religion. It was unconstitutional of the U.S. government to force Mormon women to leave their husbands, but it did. It was unconstitutional of the U.S. government to force Mormon men not to financially support their wives, but they did. It was unconstitutional for the U.S. government to deny the right to vote to anyone who believed in polygamy – but they did. It was unconstitutional to confiscate church property on the pretense of polygamy, but they did. In the end, the constitution meant nothing to the senators of the United States of America. They gladly ripped it up in order to force the Mormons to act contrary to their conscience and to their religion.
All the stuff you are talking about is sheer nonsense. There never was a Right to Pornography or a Right to Booze. Each state can decide for themselves what kind of society they will enjoy. Utah prefers a sober one.


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