Home Discussion Forum When will George Bush announce pardons for his cronies?

When will George Bush announce pardons for his cronies?

At his final press conference, Bush refused to answer any questions about whom he will pardon. My money is on Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Donald Rumsfield, Alberto Gonzalez, Harriet Meiers, Douglas Feith, Monica Goodling, Lester Crawford and Paul Wolfowitz. But will he announce the pardons on Friday afternoon which is generally the best time to avoid greater media attention, or on Monday, with the hope his absolution will be eclipsed by the Obama inauguration combined with an invocation of the spirit of forgiveness in homage to MLK?
So when will the announcment be released to the press?
And who will he pardon?


  1. If there are more they will happen during the flurry of all of the Obama activites so we don’t notice. This is not me bashing Bush. This is how every adminstration would do it.

  2. Bush has already given his pardons ….. additionally the names you listed do not require a pardon as they have not been convicted of any crimes

  3. I hope he does More than the 1,000 pardons Clintdong did, including those that you state so you left wing nuts can’t come back and try to prosecute for no cause, only the ones made up in your diseased mind!

  4. These questions are more redundant than the birth certificate conspiracy questions. No one has broken the law and no one is going to be pardoned that isn’t a crook.

  5. One would have to be charged with and found guilty of a crime in order to be pardoned. Sorry no one on your list qualifies. Hopefully Bush will make another list of Pardons, and it will include the border guards who never should have even been charged.
    US Army

  6. He has done all his pardons. Take your anti bush rant to a board where people actually care. You wont find many on this board anymore.

  7. Bush is a sociopath he will not feel the need to pardon or give immunity to any of those people because in his mind no crimes were committed.

  8. Bush’s final slate of pardons will be released on Monday. He’ll use the inauguration and Martin Luther King Jr Day for cover.

  9. Never.
    You got confused, little honey.
    That was Clinton that pardoned 142 old buddy criminals and drug dealers his last night as president.
    Don’t you ever keep up with current events?
    You need to get a job, hon. And obtain some knowledge.

  10. I’ll bet he announces his last list of pardons on Friday before he leaves office. I would also add Jack Abramoff, Lurita Doan, Kyle Foggo and J. Steven Griles to the list of people he will pardon.

  11. Who ever they are, the number of pardon issued by Bush will be far far less than billy clinton.
    I wonder if he will announce the same time as when billy announced the pardon of marc rich? Of of, course you have no trouble with that.

  12. Bush has the ability and power to pardon or grant immunity for war
    crimes for all of those you mentioned prior to Jan. 20, 2009. Please don’t forget Scooter. He’s got to be to on the list.


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