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When we regain consciousness and free the world will extreme criminals cease to act out in society?

There are no crimes when there is a sufuciency of everything for evryone!


  • What makes you think we’ve ever really gained consciousness in the first place? Heck, the vast majority of the people you meet have decided to use their brains as little as possible. You’re living in a dream world, my friend, and your assertion that there are no crimes when there is a sufficiency of everything for everyone is sadly deluded. You’ve forgotten two basic aspects of humanity — greed and selfishness. There will never be a time when all human beings are 100% satisfied with what they have. You’ll always have people who want more, and you’ll always have those rare individuals who covet power above all else and are good at getting it (Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Pol Pot, Hussein, just to name a few). And as long as you have people who want more and are willing to take from others in order to get it, you must have people who will stand in their way and make sure they get punished for taking something that isn’t rightfully theirs. So you see, there is something in this life that is certain besides death and taxes — it’s called crime.

  • For some people there is never enough.
    Jealousy will always exist, and people will always covet an others possessions and will often take the shortcut, crime, to obtain it. To many people lack the drive and patience to earn the things they desire in life.

  • That’s not true, in spite of Karl Marx.
    Have you noticed that many people who have all their needs met, still commit crimes? Have you noticed that some people spend their money on luxuries and skimp on necessities? Some people even spend their money on self-destructive activities, and commit crimes to support their self-destruction.
    And poverty doesn’t necessarily cause crime, either. Many poor people are good and ethical and law-abiding.

  • There is always going to be crime, as long as people have free will. A price I’ll gladly pay, to be a free man.

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