Home Discussion Forum when we die do our souls return to the "subjective/subconscious" mind?

when we die do our souls return to the "subjective/subconscious" mind?


  1. “Mind” is a concept that pertains only to the living, and then only to the conscious, because a comotose person is one who’s mind is not working at all.

  2. Consider:
    SOUL.–The Subjective Side of Life. Man’s place in the One Subjective Mind of the Universe; his identity in Mind. Man’s soul life reënacts the Soul Life of the Universe with which it is at One.
    SUBJECTIVE.–The Soul is subjective. Read again the meaning of subjectivity as given in the Universal Chart.
    SUBCONSCIOUS.–The Soul is subjective to the conscious thought.
    UNCONSCIOUS.–Word used in Psycho-analysis to denote soul. It is a poor way of expressing soul-life, for it really is not unconscious. It is subconscious but certainly not unconscious.
    CONSCIOUSNESS.–Another way of saying soul. The Bible says, soul; the psycho-analyst says, unconscious; the psychologist says, subjective or subconscious; and the metaphysician says, consciousness. All have the same meaning.
    KARMA.–The subjective law of tendency set in motion by the individual. The mental law acting through him. Karmic Law means the use that man makes of his mentality. Karma is not Kismet; for Kismet means “fate,” and Karma simply means “the mental tendency.” Karma is both individual and Universal.
    AURA.–Mental atmosphere or vibration. It extends from a few inches to a few feet around the individual and can be seen by many people.
    MEMORY.–The soul, or subjective mind, is the seat of memory, and retains within itself everything that the individual has ever said, thought, seen, heard, felt, read or been told; and, indeed, everything that has ever happened to him. It also contains race memory, and may, or may not, contain much of what we call Cosmic Purposes. Cosmic Purposes mean the Ideas of God. The soul of man, being in constant contact with the Soul of the Universe, might contact tremendous powers if it would turn to the One.
    CONFLICT.–In the study of Psycho-analysis, which means the analysis of the soul, we learn that the subjective side of thought, being the seat of memory, often retains thoughts and suppressed emotions which more or less tear or bind. This is what is meant by inner conflict.
    PSYCHE.–Means soul.
    INHERITED TENDENCIES.–The subjective, being the seat of memory, contains the race characteristics and tendencies. We do not inherit diseases, but we do inherit tendencies. This is the way that family and race traits are handed down.
    RACE-SUGGESTION.–The tendency to reproduce what the race has thought and experienced.
    PRENATAL CONDITIONS.–The tendency to inherit family traits.
    IMAGES OF THOUGHT.–The soul, or subjective mind, contains all of our thoughts as mental images or pictures.
    AUTO-SUGGESTION.–The soul receives the suggestions of the individual.
    REASON DEDUCTIVE ONLY.–That which is subjective can reason deductively only.


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