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When was the last person someone became a Buddha?

I know about the first Buddha (Siddartha Gautama). But I would like to know the most recent occurence of someone becoming a Buddha.


  1. There was a Buddhist who went up to a hot dog vendor and said, “Make me one – with everything.”
    Might have happened then.

  2. Perhaps Eckhart Tolle would be a reasonable expression of the Buddha. And Paramahasa Yoganandaji, and Padre Pio and Mata Amritanandamayi to name a few. Each awake in the cosmic dream.

  3. The Dali Lama…
    He’s an incarnation of the original Buddha. And not the fake Dali Lama that china put in place, the real one that lives in new york (cuz he had to run away when tibet was invaded)

  4. Depends on which definition of the term you use. In Theravada Buddhism, they use it to mean someone who discovered the Way himself, without teachings being available, and who then taught. So logically that can’t happen again until all memory of Buddhism has died out.
    There are people who reach the same state that the Buddha reached, though, but Theravada calls them Arahats. Mahayana Buddhism would call them Buddhas. The ones who can teach are sometimes referred to as “living Buddhas”. People who have made contact with that level but haven’t finished getting rid of the defilements that hides it in most of us are given other terms, like “myokonin”. Happens fairly often.

  5. According to traditional Buddhist belief, the Shakyamuni Buddha (Siddharta Gautama) is not the first Buddha, but merely the most recent Buddha to appear on the Earth. While Buddha means “enlightened one,” traditionally it is only used to describe a person that attains enlightenment without being taught by someone else (that is to say, someone who discovers, or, more accurately, rediscovers Buddhism). By this line of thought, the next Buddha will be the Maitreya Buddha. The Maitreya Buddha will come to teach Buddhism some time in the future when Buddhism is forgotten by the people. According to the stories, he will be the last Buddha and under his leadership, all of the people of the world will attain nirvana. The Maitreya Buddha is often portrayed in Buddhist art as a Chinese zen monk named Hotei (the Laughing Buddha), as Hotei is often considered an incarnation of the Buddha to come.

  6. Siddhartha Gautama was actually the _last_ “recorded” person to become a Buddha (i.e. attain enlightenment).
    However, anyone can gain enlightenment according to Buddhist thought, so there may have been others since then…


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