Home Discussion Forum When was Hypnosis discovered and does it really works on person?

When was Hypnosis discovered and does it really works on person?

If does works is there any scientific benefits i can get out of Hypnosis? Where should i go to ask for a good hypnotist for any problems I might have in the future? And is There any classes in college i can do for Hypnosis?


  1. There are records of ancient Egyptians and Sumerians using hypnosis. Hypnotic practices are ancient. Hypnosis works and a good hypnotist teaches his patient to perform hypnosis on himself to prolong the effects. Hypnosis is a procedure similar to meditation, but different in method and procedure. While meditation seeks to clear the mind, hypnosis believes in focusing the attention to focus the mind on a singularity of purpose and to change behavior by making actions subconscious, which is what happens when you learn a procedure very well.
    There are websites that will give you procedures for hypnotizing yourself and there are books.
    I have recommended using hypnosis for relaxation, overcoming anxiety, and learning new skills. There are seminars, but you can learn it from a practitioner.

  2. Hypnosis has been around for thousands of years, and yes it works. In fact Hypnosis was recognized as a complimentary healing modality by the British Medical Association (1955), the American Medical Association (1958), and the American Psychiatric Association (1961). You can find numerous hypnotherapists just by doing an internet search. As for hypnosis classes, your best bet would be to look specifically at a hypnosis course. These courses typically involve about 100 hours and take place on the weekends or evenings.

  3. Hi
    The best places to look for a hypnotherapist are in the UK- the National Council for Hypnotherapy and in the USA the American Guild of Hypnotists. These 2 sites should also be able to recommend good hypnosis courses.
    The other answers are correct in saying hypnosis has always been around but it is not known as such.
    There is moreinformation on my website: http://www.ripleyhypnotherapy.co.uk
    Best wishes

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