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When visiting a tarot reader, what style of clothing inspires trust?

I’m starting a business as a professional tarot reader but don’t know what portion of my wardrobe to wear for readings. Should I be in business casual, jeans and t-shirts or peasant blouse and skirts?


  1. Definitely Business Casual. If I visited a tarot reader I would not want anyone dressed in religiously affiliated clothing because it might scare some people off. Most of the people that come want to believe in the metaphysical but are typically afraid. Business causal promotes a calm and less nervous environment while not making you look like a creeper. I hope this helps…oh and many legit psychics wear business casual clothing…the crazy/con artist ones go nude and wear crazy things. Psychic powers are perfectly mundane (though many people are unaware of that and feel that it is given to the chosen) so there is no reason to be “wierd”. But don’t be too casual either….then you look like a broke woman looking for some coin. 🙂

  2. ok im telling my little head to shut up right now… ok… yes nude in bondage with a gag is not a good idea… anyways its not trust you want its mysticism so go with the expectations of society… dark colors, baggy clothes that hide things, you want to appear mysterious think of a gypsy. people have a common perception psycology teaches us you want to use that perception to your advantage by becoming it…. think about it would you visit a…. a. business women…. b. gypsy… or c. a tom boy… for a psychic reading. and if you can use lust to your advantage…. keep the mystery but reveal just enough for them to be wanting more. if you play it right you’ll be swimming in customers and money

  3. I’d say avoid the peasant blouse stereotype which could seem to be a costume that could damage your credibility. It will be your good readings that will create word-of-mouth and bring you more customers, not a false atmosphere you could create. Jeans/t-shirt is, in my opinion, too casual and sends a message that the meeting isn’t important enough to dress for. Neat, business casual, low-key clothing inspires confidence and keeps the focus off you and on the client.
    Tarot card readings are really interesting and sometimes amazing . I wish you success with your business.

  4. Tailor your clothing to the types of readings you’ll be doing.
    If the majority of your readings are going to be done through a storefront or at home, business casual is a nice touch.
    I would also say to put as much effort into atmosphere as clothing as that is something that will help to build both comfort and confidence. For me that includes a clean table, tablecloth, candle, box of kleenex and shutting my dog in another room for an hour.
    If you want to market yourself at fairs, or for baby/bridal showers or corporate parties, reconsider the costume option. In those circumstances, the costume is what people expect and like. It adds a real feeling of festivity to an event and it means that the people that want to find you can.
    As a Tarot reader, you want to inspire confidence but you also want people to be able to identify you as a reader. At the end of the day, a great reading will mean more than anything you wear.
    The Divine Miss L


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