When using scrying can your own reflection change?

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What does this mean if it does?

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No,that’s impossible.


That depends on what you’re seeing.Hopefully it’s something human, in other words you could be seeing past life images. Something not so pretty is usually a lurker/attachment. Do you ever try to direct what you want to see, or just open yourself up for whatever? Direct your searches, at least you’ll have an idea what you are seeing.
Good Luck
Many Blessings


No and if something like that happen then you can be sure that some demon is playing a trick on you…………

Maggie W.

The surface of water is fluid and moves this can be one reason for a change. If you are using a mirror it may mean that the dim light or candle light is flickering. However if there is a great change it can be a message for you from the other-side and it will be up to you to discern what it personally means to you. ~M~

many owls

well,if you change its something about your past life,a message about a lesson.


What are your 4 favorite gemstones?????

For me... 1. Peridot 2. Blue Topaz 3. Citrine 4. Aquamarine 5. Ruby 6. Amethyst

Is there a place in the mind or brain where our consciousness, perception, and thought are integrated?

And if so, where or how do you think that happens? No answers just for kicks or points, please. I'm extending the expiration date as...

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