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When using a crystal ball for divination….?

Does it really matter if the ball is made of crystal or glass? Are crystal balls really better? I mean I know the ball is just a tool, and the visions come from the actual person, so would I get the same results with a glass ball?
Roy, I’m sorry you’re so terribly closed minded. I feel sorry for you. I truly do.


  1. Let’s put it this way: Does it really matter which dept store Santa Claus you talk to before XMAS?
    Or does it really matter whether you put a tooth under a pillow made of foam or feathers for the Tooth Fairy? It’s really nice to know that while some of us are living in the 21st Century of space exploration & all sorts of cutting-edge technology, others are still shivering in caves and wondering what thunder & lightning is all about.
    “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the the universe.”
    Albert Einstein

  2. I always heard crystal….where’d this “Glass” one come from?

  3. From what I hear, crystallic substances tend to enhance the abilities of the “reader.” I’ve never used one, but have developed my clairvoyance to be pretty decent. I don’t like tot rust in other things, as I fear that I would be overly-hopeful on teir success, and would therefore botch the results without meaning to. I would Google it though if you haven’t already.
    By the way, all Psi-related abilities can be scientifically tested using all 5 (or 7. It depends on which one you go by) steps of the Scientific Method. Everything that I believe in in regards to them I have personally tested in multiple environments under multiple conditions, and test each ability approximately 20 times to see the trucity of the claim, so to say that clairvoyancy and the like can not be tested using the Scientific Method is rather humorous. I do hope that you never go on to become a researcher, as you will most assuredly become overly-reliant on proving your claims to be correct. In fact, there have been multiple scientific studies done –especially regarding Projection– that prove the existence of such things. You may also look up the “Kirlian Project” and similar studies. That one has been around for a few decades without anybody scientifically disproving it. To be so openly opposed to something, there is obviously bias inside of your statements. I will agree, half the claims of Psi abilities are garbage. But the other half…..
    Best of wishes,
    Zane and Azaria

  4. You will get the same results with a glass ball, hell, you could get the same results using a fish bowl (it could be your hook)
    oh man, “hook”
    what a play on words

  5. You can use anything for divination, not necessarily a crystal ball. You can use a mirror, a cup of water, a piece of paper, a candle, or even glasses. What you use doesn’t matter. What does play a big role is the extent of your psychic abilities.

  6. Its a tool to learn to focus and read symbols, clear your mind and release negativity when the ball clouds it will begin to show you what you need to know.


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