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When throwing a tarot how would you choose the significator?


  1. I would suggest you not use a signifier card. They tend to cause distraction. Signafiers are based on first impressions the reader has about the person they are reading for. First impressions can be very very wrong!
    The truth comes out during the reading. If you really want to use a signafier, the best way is to look through the deck while looking at the person you are going to read for, you will know which card is best because you will feel it the moment you see it.

  2. I never use significators in any of my readings. However, I do use other visual clues. As I also do lithomancy, I will often use a mix crystals for significant areas (ie rose quartz for questions relating to love, amber for strength, red jasper for danger/violence, etc). I also have a collection of other “symbols” I have picked up over the years (ie shells, postcards, plant materials, etc.) which I will use to emphasise specific markers. For example, if I am doing a reading regarding someone’s workplace and a potential promotion or new job, I will probably use such items as amethyst (power) and acorns (God influence) as visual hints to emphasise certain areas of the reading that are of particular importance.
    I suppose the real reason I don’t use a significator is the simple fact that I really have a problem with people that pigeonhole – he’s dark-haired, therefore he’s the King of Pentacles or she’s blonde, therefore she’s the Queen of Cups. IMO, the Court Cards already have a significance in the reading, without them being discounted as being a specific individual.
    In lak’ech

  3. I do not use a significantor in my readings, but I do know people who do. In many cases they use the court cards ex: say you’re question is about your son or daughter under the age of 25, then one would use a Page card say that child was an Air sign, then they would use the Page of Swords to indicate that child in the spread. Other people may use a card from the Major Arcana to be their signifcator for themselves. In my experience with Tarot, I have found the cards have chosen it for me. I’m a Cancer, but my rising is in Sagittarius and I find in many readings for my boyfriend the Queen of Rods will come up and I have found the cards are telling him that’s me in the spread! Even though I myself do not use a particular card to represent me, I found that interesting. But to get back on topic, you choose whatever card you feel best represents you or the person you are asking about.

  4. most of the time…. I use The Hermit which is my life number discovered through Numerology…which is really me to the T….
    try meditating ahead of time and ask your guide to show you in your mind’s eye…which card should be your significator…
    or …. try a 3 card spread with the intent of finding your significator….. when I do this….one of the three is reversed…. or up (and two are reversed)
    namaste’ and blessed be


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