Home Discussion Forum When there are no thoughts only the 5 senses What is this?

When there are no thoughts only the 5 senses What is this?

Recently i thought it was enlightenment, there was bliss but it was constantly fluctuating. I had no thoughts not a single one only sat in observation of sound, sight, smell, touch, and taste. I only observed there was no Me to speak of at all, but i was absoloutly present.
Where is a Zen Master when you need one.


  1. I have only ever reached that place when i was in meditation and i think its one of those glimpses of life of when you are living as one with everybody in the universe, when you take a step out of your body and look around and you don’t see peoples physical forms but you see their soul forms and you can see that not only are we all made up of the same god essence but we are all one, we are like separate particles in an ocean each of us holds our individuality but when you actually look you can see that we are really just making up ONE ocean

  2. I wish I was a Zen master and tell you the answer, but I’m not. But I have learned that when you clear your mind of thoughts, all that’s left is God’s presence. God is the observer through our body and the five senses. I’m just learning though, haven’t mastered it yet. I’m jealous because I wish to be where you are at. I try to meditate, but am always distracted by my thoughts and I find it kinda boring sometimes. That’s why I can’t feel this inner presence. Since you have glimpsed that inner state already, you should do it more often because you will get better at it. If you do, let me know.


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