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When the Great Lord Buddha rested his right hand on the Earth at the moment of Enlightenment, why?

When the former human Prince Siddharta, after one year of continuous meditation, became enlightened, He rested his right hand on the Earth. Why do you think He did that?
Spurious answers are not invited. I want to know what you think the siginificance was of His taking the Earth as His witness?


  1. It is often said that he was asking the earth to witness the discipline and effort that had been required to make that much spiritual progress. Other testimonies, including his own, would be biased and unreliable because the human mind is swayed by conditions. So it is a way of being literally “grounded”.

  2. Siddharta Gupta was high on something to be able to meditate for a year, when he laid his hand down it was because he was coming down from the high and tired.

  3. There was nothing symbolic about it. He was meditating on the earth and when it was done he was tired and so rested his right hand on it. Nothing more than that. Some of these athiets have given such disrespectful answers even to the Buddha they have no business being here. Seriously. They are the hecklers who stand outside a summit and yell with nothing really to contribute. Sucks to be them

  4. Being Enlightened and all knowledge that is to be realized has been achieved.
    Self realized and unassisted, that is the knowledge of the THATAGATHA.
    Let the earth be witness to this enlightenment and proclaim a SamasamBuddha.

  5. Referred to as “Bhumisparsa Mudra” (Bhumi means earth; Sparsa means touch in Hindi).
    Touching the earth as Gautama did, was to invoke the earth as witness to the truth of his words and his enlightenment.


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