When the devil (Mara) is talking to Buddha , what does he mean here …?

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(Samyutta Nikaya IV.19)
Kassaka Sutta
(The Farmer)
At Savatthi, Buddha was instructing the monks with a talk concerning Unbinding. The monks were listening to it attentively.
Then the thought occurred to Mara, the Evil One (Devil/Satan): “Gotama the Buddha is instructing the monks with a talk concerning Unbinding (of sins/karma). The monks — attentive, focusing their entire awareness — are listening to it. What if I were to go to Gotama the Buddha to obscure his vision?”
Then Mara the Evil One (the devil), taking on the form of a farmer with a large plowshare over his shoulder, carrying a long goad stick — his hair disheveled, his clothes made of coarse hemp, his feet splattered with mud — went to the Blessed One and, on arrival, said, “Hey, have you seen my oxen?”
“And what are your oxen, Evil One?”
[Devil(Mara)] :
“Mine alone is the eye (in creatures). Mine are forms, mine is the sphere of consciousness & contact at the eye. Where can you go to escape me? Mine alone is the ear…the nose…the tongue…the body…. Mine alone is the intellect. Mine are ideas, mine is the sphere of consciousness & contact at the intellect. Where can you go to escape me?”
“Yours alone is the eye, Evil One. Yours are forms, yours is the sphere of consciousness of contact at the eye. Where no eye exists, no forms exist, no sphere of consciousness & contact at the eye exists: there, Evil One, you cannot go. Yours alone is the ear…the nose…the tongue…the body…. Yours alone is the intellect, Evil One. Yours are ideas, yours is the sphere of consciousness & contact at the intellect. Where no intellect exists, no ideas exist, no sphere of consciousness of contact at the intellect exists: there, Evil One, you cannot go.”
[Devil (Mara)] :
Of what they say,
‘This is mine’;
and those who say,
If your intellect’s here,
you can’t escape
from me.
What they speak of
isn’t mine,
and I’m not one of those
who speak it.
Know this, Evil One:
you won’t even see
my tracks .
Then Mara the Evil One (the devil) — sad & dejected at realizing, “The Buddha knows me ” — vanished right there.

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that question is too long…can you shorten it?


Does that stupid and meaningless conversation impress you?


“Oxen” refers to all unenlightened sentient beings. An ox is controlled by its master, its master can command it to go to any direction.
Similarly, Mara control all sentient beings by desire — through what we see, hear, smell, taste, touch and think. Mara is the master, and we are the oxen.
However, Mara cannot control the enlightened ones (Buddha and his saint disciples) because the enlightened (nirvana) state is a state beyond the six senses. Where none of these senses exist, Mara cannot go (and thus cannot control).


Om Sri Sairam
Bhagavan Sri Sathyasai Baba says,
“Clamour for food is heard everywhere, though if each one worked hard, the problem would not arise at all. We talk of stomachs to be filled, but each stomach arrives in the world with two hands. Those hands, if they are kept idle or unskilled, cannot fulfil their assignment of finding the food for the stomach. Work hard – that is the message. And share the gain with others. The harder you work, the greater your gain, the more you can share. Work hard and, more important still, work together with others in loving kinship.”
“If you cannot pray for the total welfare of the community around you in whom God lives, how is it possible for you to worship an invisible God ? The first thing you have to do is look after the welfare of the living community around you.”


I am all, I am one, I am Life…
I am you…
Yet you are all so amused in your dense material dreams…
Wake up little buddha’s…
Open your hearts and join me…
So that we may know oursevles…
And Love as one…
Thankyou… :)(:


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