Home Discussion Forum When Summoning a demon through ceremonial magick what do they look like?

When Summoning a demon through ceremonial magick what do they look like?

Just curious I would never actually try.
Just curious I would never try. I would love to hear any stories.
Just curious I would never try. I’d love to hear stories.


  1. My guess would be that they will reveal themselves to you as something or someone that you would recognize as evil. It may be a figure from history or a cloud of black smoke. If you are not somewhat afraid of what you see, the demon will probably feel like it has not accomplished part of what it sets out to do.
    I have never tried it either and I never will but I am thinking that this is what you would get.

  2. Well when ever i do it ( try not to do it often) they tend to be very unstable , nothing of the pitchforked pointy tail kind, usually they have a rough outline but constantly shift ,grow, shrink and reform ( its hard for them to maintain form in our world).
    one other thing i have noticed is most have tentacles…or what could be called tentacles, because they are simple and they take a lot less energy to produce then more complex things like hands.

  3. a deceased loved one, a famous person, or anyone that they believe witll influence you in a way that they want.
    Read the Bible and they will appear as angels of light even.
    Listen to Witch Doctors and they will tell you the same.
    They are powerfull Illusionists

  4. You do not want to find out because they or it (all depending) will occupy a person or persons. Never- never dabble in this sort of thing because it IS real and DOES exist. I know of people who work in this field. You never seen terror than the terror on a person’s face when it actually happens. Most people do not now what to do and just lose it. I get goose bumps just thinking of some of the cases I was told about from eye-witnesses, who were there ! NEVER play not dabble with this stuff – it’s genuine – it’s real !

  5. They would look like an angel of course. What did you think a demon was? Demons are fallen angels. Satan was a cherub, and
    God’s most beautiful angel at one time. God created all His angels to be beautiful. The difference is, they chose disobedience over obedience to God. You will never actually see a demon though. They cannot manifest themselves into our physical world. Only the angels of God can do that through the will of God only.

  6. This kind of energy is what keeps you trapped on earth. These souls never get to leave this 3-D world. I’d rather focus my energies on higher beings, loving souls who would rather help than torture.
    You WILL get the answer you requested if you continue down this path. It’s a very dangerous one. Curiosity DID kill the cat.

  7. Most likely they will not show themselves to someone who wants to summon them. Summoning them will be going against God and turning to Satan, why would they show them selves to someone who is already willing to give up their soul already?

  8. You people replying to this are all ignorant to this situation and shouldn’t open your mouthes when you don’t know what stupidity will leave your lips. Do your research on demons. Or talk to a witch or occultist like myself for the truth

  9. They can take any form they choose, but they tend to appear as something you would think would be a demon, as your spiritual sight is related to your subconscious mind. After you have tamed yourself, you would see the demon as it really is, (which may still be the same – sometimes they actually take a form familiar to you) which in my personal experience tends to be any sort of figure in a smokey-black outline. The demons I have summoned tended to be cephaloid or serpentine in appearance, but that’s only because those are the types of demons I go for. I don’t go for the humanoid types because they tend to be more cunning and vastly more terrifying. Also, for those of you working the spirit world, realize that the only reason we see these things is that our pineal gland (which some say can ‘see’ different types of light) releases the most potent hallucinogen known to man (DMT) while we are active spiritually. Much of what we see likely isn’t real, but made by our subconscious mind (which counterintuitively makes divination more accurate). I can’t tell you if any of the demons or ‘higher beings’ truly exist – my scientific hypothesis is that we self-induce the same type of hallucinations schizophrenics get, and that there is no spirit world and there are no gods. Forgive me if I sound insensitive – it’s the most logical answer at the moment. Hopefully quantum physics will somehow disprove it.

  10. every demon i have ever summoned and it has appeared b4 me usually will try to change its appearance to something you wish or desire it will not show its true self to you unless you are bringing it into yourself………….i have 4 now and still going hard for more i have been praticing black magick for over 8 years and was just now made into a priestess

  11. I have seen a fallen angal it was in our plane it was so cool I mean I could see and if alloud touch him yes he was in flesh I also seen them as orbs of energy I touch one by mistick and it shocked the hell out of me also shadow walkers whitch is like black smoke covering them so u can tell there form but only see black so u know the speak in telepathic so any one can under stand them always show reaspact if not they will dwell in u and for a few days causing u anguish a good place to learn how is joy of satan . Com tells you how and names if u don’t say the name of the one u want then any thing can slip thur not good they can harm u


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