When something fortunate happens to you, how do you know that it was prayer (to the Abrahamic god)?





Or was it the planets aligning just so? Or was it the Wiccan spell of protection that you cast? Or was it Zeus or Odin looking over your shoulder? Or maybe you reached a level of Zen enlightenment? Or… was it… coincidence?
All the belief systems out there look the same objectively… How do you know for sure? How is it ever more than a choice that could have been made by the roll of a die? There is no final, definitive concrete evidence for any religion or spiritual philosophy. But the thing is I still have this nagging feeling I will be going to hell because I didn’t choose to accept Jesus Christ as my saviour.. but my brain says: this doesn’t make any objective sense….What do you think?
Intelligent answers only, please!! Don’t bother answering if you can’t use English grammar correctly or if you can’t answer without YELLING LIKE THIS.
Sorry to be a prick, but those things are insanely irritating.


  1. Believer: “I prayed for a new job, and God provided me one!”
    Skeptic: “How do you know it wasn’t just coincidence?”
    Believer: “There are no coincidences–everything happens for a reason, and when I pray, it is answered.”
    Skeptic: “Every time?”
    Believer: “Well, no, not every time. Sometimes it is not God’s will that I have what I ask for.”
    Skeptic: “How do you know it isn’t God’s will?”
    Believer: “Because he didn’t answer my prayer!”
    Do you see how this works? It’s circular reasoning at its finest. It’s also a matter of counting the hits and discarding the misses. Every coincidence simply reinforces the believer’s conviction that prayer (or spell castings or whatever) works, while the unfulfilled wishes are simply brushed off with, “Oh, it wasn’t God’s will.” If I want a new job, and I set out to get it, and I actually get it, I don’t attribute it to the workings of some higher power. A believer, in the same circumstances, would do so, and there is no good reason why they should. Coincidences happen a million times a day, all over the world, to believers and unbelievers alike. It means absolutely nothing.

  2. ALL Truth is parallel, that is why there are so many parallel theme’s in so many belief systems. Only the CREATOR could tell you EXACTLY WHY something happen’s, and if HE didn’t keep it simple for us, we’d never have the time to read and understand it all. Probably take a long long time(millions of years???). YES, if you don’t get your Spirit RECREATED, GOD will not be able to let you go to HEAVEN , where HE is, cause HIS POWER, if flowing though you and your not Born-Again, would cause you to cease to exist. Hope this helps. p.s. I don’t really yell, I use capital letter’s to high-light (emphasize) and I figure that it make’s it easier to read. Plus, I like to put GOD’s name in capital letter’s cause it just seem’s the right thing to do.

  3. Worldwide, there are untold hundreds of millions of prayers offered up every day for everything from saving a life to winning the lottery — some lives are not lost, some lotteries are won, but it’s 100 percent coincidence…nothing more.

  4. We know jesus was here we base our time table on him. We know that he was here on earth and he made enormous inpact on us. And to me it sounds like that he might be trying to open your heart to him. Please except him, do it tonight before it’s to late. because the bible clearly states you will surely go to hell if you don’t except him. Think about it heaven or hell?

  5. If it was way to much for a coincidence some higher power must have done it I believe in the one true God of abraham because he has answered my prayers personally

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