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When some religious people survive a near death experience against all odds they say that it was an act of God?

It could not have been an act of God since “all are equal under the eyes of God” so why isn’t God saving everybody else from death if he doesn’t favor anybody?


  1. Someone surviving a near death experience is a miracle. God provides us with miraculous events every day. I’m sure most people have experiened at least one good thing that has happened in their life. With that said, only God knows the real answer to why some people receive certain miracles while others do not.
    I disagree with Frizby. I think that while God helps those that have a relationship with Him, He also helps those that do not because God loves all of His children.

  2. God saves some people from death because He is not yet finished with them on earth, so he has more for them to do in this life…not because He likes them best. I’ve known a few people who were highly devoted to God that have died tragically. God was ready to take them. Others I have known, lived in continuous sin that was harming them which led to their death. Others living in continuous sin have had a near death experience, then found God after.

  3. it could be that is wasnt their time to go and the respector of no man is about judgement of sins did you know that if you ask God not to let someone go He can answer that prayer I have done that I asked God not to take my dad because i could not take it so that was my prayer for years he had a heart attack and died i went to the Lord in prayer and said that He promised me that if i served Him my household would be saved about 30 min. later they came out and said they didnt understand what happen but he was back i went to see my dad in the room as told him if he has to go i need to know where he is going is was up to him i told him you always dont want to hear about the Lord but im asking do you want to accept him? he did and lived for 20 years after that when it came time for him to go i asked him to you want to go he said yes and then he asked me if i saw the messengers of God i didnt then he said they will wait until you leave befoe they take me now understand my dad was not a religious kind of man he loved the Lord and he me read the word to him but he never forgot what happened that day in the E.R You see even in death you are not alone i told you this because it depends on Gods plan for all of us though this i read and study the bible more i became more open to hear what God was saying that changed me forever and before my dad left to be with the Lord he told me dont say goodbye say i will see you later and i asked him are you sure? and he smiled and said yes When someone goes it is written absent from the body present before the Lord if you have lost someone just remember that one day you will see them agan nobody could ever say anything to me that would change my mind about God and His love for his children all things said done thought are recorded in Heaven take note of that because if you believe or not God is real and there is life after death and there is going to be a judgement i know i went alittle off the topic but i hope this did help you some there is more to this but this is what i wanted you to know =)


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