When scrying does a pure optical glass ball work the same as a crystal one?





I recently purchased a Pure optical glass ball and was wondering if it would work just as good as a crystal ball. I’m thinking yes but i would like to hear others opinions on it.


  1. I would have to say that either one is only a tool. you are the magic, your intuition is what matters in this, it doesn’t really matter what tool you use. If it works for you then it works for you, no one can say that it won’t.
    I know people who scry in clouds, mirrors (not black ones), lakes, oceans, etc…
    it doesn’t really matter what you use as long as you listen to yourself, feelings and intuition.

  2. It should work as well. The ball is just where you focus your energy, nothing more. Anything reflective will work.

  3. In theory, you should use an actual crystal, preferably natural in origin; glass is an amorphous solid, not crystal.
    In practice, though, it’s reported to work just as well.

  4. originally scrying was done using water or crystals that had been scoured in rivers which would be cut and polished on one side. the idea was that shapes would form which could or would relate to the query or querant, of course this still requires intuitive abilities to be successful.
    essentially a clear ball will still have distortions either from refracted light or patterns created by objects etc on the other side of the ball, so the same type of imagery can be found clear or otherwise. truthfully it is a focus point not a messenger so anything you like to use is always going to work for you.

  5. I haven’t done tons of scrying, but I do know a little about it…
    Certainly, the intuitive ability is coming from the scryer, not the props, so it shouldn’t matter what you use.
    but….I can think of a couple considerations thought that would make me prefer crystal…
    * crystal is not absolutely clear. One can find shapes and images in the striations and irregularities in it, and interpret what you see, without having to have any elaborate ‘visions’.
    There’s not much to see with your literal eyes in something clear, so your 3rd eye would be doing ALL the work.
    * many people associate various metaphysical properties with different kinds of crystals, and if that resonates for you on an energetic or symbolic level, you may want to take it into consideration.
    That being said, people scry in pools of ink, pools of water, black glass, mirrors, and fire, to name just a few.
    Use what works for you… I think that trial and error is good for any practice.

  6. When it comes down to it– a scrying device is just a tool. you could scry using nothing other than a black bowl with water if you wanted to. If you think it will work– if you BELIEVE it will work, then it probably will. Ritual tools of certain substances (willow wands, real crystal crystal balls, iron cauldrons) can help in your craftworkings because different materials have different energies to them, but the main part of magick is what YOU put into it. There are those who use no other tools for any kind of magick other than their body. No wands, athames, pentacles, tarot….. I’ve also seen someone in a pinch use a pencil, string, and a push pin to make a pendulum, which worked quite well. I made a black mirror out of scrap wood and a piece of glass from an old farmhouse painted with black enamel paint on the inside for my scrying mirror, and it’s been an extremely potent channeling device. Do I NEED it to scry? No. But it does make the experience easier on my psyche and I seem to be able to ground easier after using it as opposed to other devices I’ve used.

  7. Both should work just as well as each other. Even still a clear glass of water would work just as well, and would be cheaper.

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