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When reading chakras: What does it mean when some flow clockwise and others the opposite?

I was just reading my husbands chakra and his heart, sacral and base chakra flow counter clockwise. Is this significant in some way???
Funny Chuck P….Funny!
I was using a crystal holding it over the chakra openings and got strange readings some were clockwise and others were counter clockwise. I have done this in the far past and do not remember what it means. My Ex husband burned all of my books and I am now re-learning everything. Maggie
It has been a few years since i gave my last chakra reading but I think the crstal doesn’t move at all when the chakra is closed. But as I said it has been years.
Thanks to everyone for their helpful answers. However there can be only one!


  1. As far as I know it means that one is open and the other is closed. Not sure which direction means closed. Could be counterclockwise. But if you know your husband you might have clue as to which is closed.

  2. From what I understand, chakras that flow in clockwise direction are natural chakras. Those that flow in a counter-clockwise direction is something which is paranormal. Natural chakras are easy to control. Mystical chakras are more powerful but are hard to control and may at times even control the person who has them.

  3. I have found information conflicts in this matter. One site claims that the sacral chakra spins counter-clockwise and all others spin clockwise. Another states that all healthy chakras should spin clockwise. For me, the direction they spin is secondary to WHETHER they spin or not. With so much conflicting information, I think I’d stick to the idea that they are either moving or not. Chakras can have both excesses or deficiencies that need balancing. You, as practitioner, will usually have a clue as to what and where they might be according to behavior you observe as well as what the person you are balancing tells you. It’s fairly uncomplicated and very rewarding energy work.

  4. The chakras move like gears from what I understand. So if there are seven majors, and the first is clockwise then the second is counter clockwise and so on and so forth. Leaving the seventh counter clockwise. It moves like the snake and staff symbol on your everyday ambulance. Going from the root the the crown and backdown. For the whole system does flow in a counter clockwise pattern. If you can visualize this with your third eye then you can understand how this works

  5. Throughout my training on Chakras and NOT from information on the internet (which most people can just make up and post) chakras are supposed to be a gear system like Proper English has said. I was taught that the sacral Chakra should always be spinning clockwise because of how counter clockwise motion affects the organs around that chakra. That would make the base chakra need to spin counter clockwise and the core chakra to spin counter then the heart clockwise throat counter third eye clockwise and crown counter. I have heard male and female chakras spin differently but I have no personal experience on that matter but the idea is that the male and female come together and continue the gear system in order. If male base chakra is spinning counter then the female base chakra would spin clockwise. I am still trying to find legitimate information on that because if this is the case then for one gender the sacral chakra would spin counter clockwise.


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