When reading an aura shapes appearing on forehead?

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My friend and I were testing reading auras tonight and when she was looking at the middle of my forehead (third eye) and saw a shape in the shape of an Egyptian pyramid. When I stared back at her forehead in the center I say a shape of what looked like a crown. This is not and outlined shape it is like skin raising off the forehead in this shape. Now every time we see each other it is more bold not having to concentrate on this. Does anyone know what this is? If so……what is it? What does it mean? Where can I do more research on it?

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Seriously, if you truly can see auras, this may indicate a vision or brain disorder. Auras have been related to epilepsy. See your doctor.

Sadhara Satguru

These symbols form part of your own language with spirit, what they mean to the seer is for the seer to find out.
Next time they are seen as the symbols what they represent.


It is more to the mind triggering the finest -illusion- from the beholder.
Meditation is the best answer because there will never be answers to your question. Through meditation, you WILL know what they are.


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