Home Discussion Forum When one achieves nothingness (thoughtlessness) through meditation can one find true knowledge?

When one achieves nothingness (thoughtlessness) through meditation can one find true knowledge?

I am a Pantheist who has been thinking about the philosophy of Solipsism. I am just wondering whether or not achieving thoughtlessness and nothingness in meditation can unlock the ultimate knowledge of the unconscious/reality. I know these 2 philosophies are very close to some Hindu and Buddhist philosophies on reality.
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  1. Well during a period of meditation I was able drop down below my ego and discover how our every thought and action is the result of the placement of our genetic code within the fabric of space-time. Light can do nothing but reflect, and it is our consciousness which redirects the lights that enters us via the 5 senses into another direction, thusly it is consciousness which creates reality and our souls are simply pure light reflecting more pure light.

  2. One gets the feeling of thoughtlessness, then he is said to be in peace. The person in peace does posses wisdom…. note my friend it’s wisdom not knowledge.
    A person with wisdom & peace can think what’s happening in reality ( i mean thinking of the reason & result of the situation) which we all call the Knowledge of Reality.
    Normally busy man doesn’t get peace in mind. Only sages who had been in meditating for years together & have left hte tensions of life can get it. Those type of sages r found in buddhist & in hinduism.

  3. I’ve tried meditation, and the only result it gave me was a calming effect that lasted for two or three hours. No knowledge, although I tried to find it there too!


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