When meditating and trying to tap into your Third eye what do you actually see when you open your Third eye?

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I’ve been meditating for some time and i’m interested to find out what i should expect to see when I finally do open my third eye…is it a certain color or does it appear a certain way so that i should know? I try to focus my attention on the brow area and sometimes i get faint circular visions but i don’t believe that’s what i’m looking for.

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Bat Wings USA Atheist

My colon

Paddy O'Furniture

I see the bottom of the toilet bowl

The Reverend Soleil

Try looking out instead of in

tom bailey

There is no third eye.


I see tonsils.


Tapping into my eye is quite painful. Make it stop!

Just me

Always say before you begin meditating “I seek refuge in God, from Satan the rejected”
vision are dependent on your imagination and thought
Beware: satan is always there to misguide you.
Don’t focus your attention on the brow area, just try without focusing anything or you may focus on GOD
Mail me or IM me


Usually when you have the third eye…it runs in the family..and you start seeing things at an early or teenager age…like demons and spirits from this and other realms…my boyfriend has it…I dont…all I know is that you see what others cant….I can see it…but it is only in my mind..I cant actually see with my eyes…that stinks..but remember it is both a blessing and a curse…tread carefully and be careful with how you use it…it can turn against you…I hope this helped…kerr_star101

Monkeyhead [Kipperfarti]

It metaphorical for seeing reality.


If you open your 3rd eye, you have to pay more for contacts… It can get quite expensive…. Because contacts come in pairs not in three’s.. That’s like having a 3rd nipple.. It just ain’t right


does the golden dawn side with god or satan?

pretty simple question, didnt want to make it complicated, and also this doesnt imply my lack of knowledge as i am full of it.

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