When medication and meditation fail, what other effective methods are there to treat anxiety?

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I have a perpetual sense of suspense, nawing guts, muscle pain and stiffness. I have tried the typical meds and done yoga, exercise and meditation but nothing helps. My blood pressure has become unstable, I’ve gained a significant amount of weight and just generally feel awful. What else can I do about it?

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Victoria W

Martial arts are wonderful for getting rid of stress and weight.


Have you tried cigarettes? They really help such symptoms.


Honey I’ve been there too and I read a *mass* of books to get out of it. Exercise; running for half an hour twice a week or more is excellant. Do that for 6 months and you will never meet anxiety again. Oh, and eat sensible; cut out cafiene, and chilli and anything that causes reflux.


I’m sorry to say this and its probably horrible advice, but Ive been through the same thing you have and the only thing that has worked for me is to smoke weed…..it calms all those problems and makes me feel normal….without it I cant eat…cant sleep….stomach problems…anxiety….nervous….shakey…..it really is the only thing that has helped me.


Suntheanine or L-theanine. Safe to take if you are taking other meds. It is an extract of green tea.
Someone brought this to my attention. The price might be too good to be true, but if its true, then buy it:
Take 100 mg twice a day (one in AM one in mid or late afternoon)
Or if you are serious about balancing your brain chemistry, ask these expert folk about their formulas: pathmed.com. I go to them myself, and can vouch for their success.


Alot of people do taichi/yoga for this problem. taichiquan is very useful in promoting healthier circulation and overall well being. You need to have a proper diet as well. I placed my father into a program and he is the most tense, up tight person I’ve seen and he’s become much more easy going and less stressed about life. Whatever you do, there are several aspects to remember:
1. Diet is important
2. Excercising or doing a physical activity on a regular basis is key.
3. Surround yourself with people of a calmer temperment.


Apart from having a medical check up to see if their may medical reasons for your physical symptoms, you should maybe see a counsellor, to talk over your experience of “Perpetual Sense of Suspense”. I think that if you explored that sense, and how you experience it, you may find the answer.
Wishing you, Good Health, Peace and Happiness.

Randy D

As a retired mental health counselor, I can tell you that I have prescribed all sorts of remedies, mostly aerobic exercises, most particularly walking or running (depending on your cardiovascular health), and swimming (depending on your ability to swim). Now that I’m retired and have had more time to look at life more seriously, prayer to our Lord Jesus our Christ, and literally turning my worries over to Him and telling Him how awesome and capable He is, works wonders, literally. I wish I had had the balls to recommend that remedy in counseling sessions, but that wasn’t in vogue, or cool, or “politically correct”, or legal, so I succumbed to the professional pressures of the times. Now I spend a lot of time praying to God asking His forgiveness for having been such a wuss. He keeps reminding me I’m forgiven for being such a dumbass, and that all’s okay in that area, but because I keep f—ing up now and again, I keep having to ask His forgiveness, and He keeps answering, “It’s just good to see you back again. I missed you.” Wow!! What a wonderful God. The only problem I have now is feeling guilty for feeling so unburdened and relaxed and comfortable, and not having to pay Anheuser-Busch or Miller Brewing Company or Jack Daniels or some Colombian drug lord for all the “feel good” stuff. And God just chuckles, realizing how new all those wonderful times are, and hoping I catch on soon. He wants me to feel good. God Bless you.


Cognitive therapy which is to examine the source of the anxiety. You are probably worrying about things that you cannot control. I find it helps to write down what I am anxious about. Usually then I can see either I am worrying about something I cannot control or I am thinking I should be prefect. (None of us are). THen it becomes much easier to let it go. At least if you cannot stop the feeling stop fighting it. It is okay to anxious sometimes. By fighting the feeling you make self feel worse because you are feeling guilty about being anxious. Do not demand as you wish, but demand things as they are. Then all will be well.


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