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When it comes to reincarnation, could an old soul simply be a tremendous screwup?

Someone who has to play the game over and over because they just can’t seem to put it all together for good in any of their lives? So they become knowledgeable in many things, but ignorant to others.


  1. No, because each life has a different lesson to learn – but you will repeat in a very similar life as the last if you failed to learn the lesons of that life.
    Hindus believe that you must go through many lives, perfecting your spirit, before you reach enlightenment and another existence. An old soul is just that much closer to the end of his journey; may even be on his last life.

  2. When you are an old soul, memories and experiences are embedded in your DNA. You usually come back, not because of karma or anything like that, but because you volunteered. The trick here is to find out why the he!! you were stupid enough to volunteer for this hell hole.

  3. Salam
    Jack of nothing you mean? Well they should stick to what they know and learn to walk a right path to successful means. If someone is born they are also born with a gift, and they have to develop that, and if they are not allowed this is how they become as you call tremendously screwed up. As for reincarnation, there is a time that will happen and its called the final hour, anyone in the ground is in the ground.

  4. That could be. There are any number of beliefs that teach one version of reincarnation or other, including (believe it or not) Judaism. We add to it a little though, with the idea that we can (in a sense) choose to come back because something didn’t get finished, for some reason. It’s more complicated than that, but maybe you’ll get my drift.
    I converted to Judaism because it felt “right” to me, from the moment I set foot in a synagogue at age eight. Whether that’s reincarnation or not, I don’t know and can’t prove, but it’s definitely been a good move for me. I’ve had more than one rabbi tell me that they see a very “old” soul in me, but in a very positive way. Nothing mystical, or anything to concentrate my life on; just an observation, for what it’s worth.
    More than you wanted to know, maybe, but I thought it might be worth mentioning 🙂

  5. Hey, good question! Like maybe a soul could get into some kind of rut where they just could get a passing grade on a vital life lesson?
    I don’t see why not. Reincarnation doesn’t have to be linear (Lesson one, then lesson two, then…), does it?

  6. Not necessarily…that person may actually be more refined. It takes hundreds and hundreds if not thousands of lifetimes to free ourselves from our addictive habits. But I don’t believe in true reincarnation per say. Our qualities incl. our intelligence, integrity and life experiences are all saved, however they may be given to someone else.

  7. I’m not sure I know anyone who is sufficiently enlightened as to be able “judge” the cosmic order of things.
    sounds like a late-night beer-drinking (or other suitable intoxicant) conversation.
    neat piece of fat to chew in such a state

  8. lol…thanks! 🙂
    i have been referred to as an “old soul” and ya know, sometimes it really does feel like that!
    However, there are so many life lessons that are meant to be learned, that one cannot experience them all in one lifetime.
    We live and we learn and we learn and we learn…and with every goodbye we learn….
    blessings to you…i hope you find what it is you seek.
    )o( Trinity

  9. Good question.
    I don’t believe that, no.
    An old soul would have knowledge, or common sense, that it is even not aware of consciously.


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