When it comes to influencing the collective consciousness, does religion have an advantage over science?

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Do you think it all comes down to whether people are more easily manipulated by their fears or appeals to their curiosity? Religion manipulates and exploits people by playing on their fears whereas science can only appeal to people’s curiosity; science presents people with reason, logic and evidence whereas religion presents people with dogma, superstition and meaningless ceremonies. One philosophy appeals to the intellect of the collective whilst the other appeals to the residual animalistic instincts that still exist in humans; are people more easily manipulated by fear than logic?

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I Am The Overman

You answered you’re own question.
I agree with your answer.


doesnt really matter, science is said to be a religion too and it may have proven God
some theorize that the membrane from the m theory is what we have been calling God, it has all the powers and most of the history of God (it is said to have started the big bang and to be all around us but outside space-time)

Huck loves Jesus

You’re back! I hope you got some help. I look forward to debunking your assertions and claims.
This one is based on all kinds of false premises. I fear nothing. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil. Jesus is standing right next to me.

A house united

there is no edge on either side. i can teach you something, someone else can teach you the opposite. fear and logic aren’t the manipulating incentives. brilliant people have fears, fearful people have brilliance. faith is formed in the shadow, science is formed by what is observed.
you’re incorrect about religion. you can say it plays on people’s fears, but i can argue that science negates fear altogether. fear is important, it prompts a response. you’re phisiologically and chemically formed to respond with fear the moment you set foot near a deadly viper. fear protects. as for the illogical and superstitious, you’re wrong. faith is built on rational premises. God is able to do all things – the most rational statement of all. mature faith believes in the supernatural ability of God. but that doesn’t mean we also accept leprachauns and fairies and unicorns as well. but we don’t say to God, ‘you can’t do this or that’. God is able to do all things, but it must be recognized that God does not choose to do all things. say what you want desiree, my faith is rooted in logic. i have no superstitious fears or expectations, i do not limit God and therefore He supplies freedom to understand what isn’t seen.
and as for the residual animalistic insticts i appeal to according to you… aren’t you the one fosterring evolution? you can’t have it both ways, you’re calling me a beast for believing in God?? it is clearly the other way around. i wonder how long it will take you to see that.


Yes people can be manipulated by fear rather than logic, but that is not real spiritual life. The real thing would support science and raise consciousness by increasing the inner light. But unfortunately, that kind of religion is hard to find. More on my bio.


Science only appeals to a person’s curiosity?
Good to know scientists have * never * faked results or stacked the odds in favor of a certain outcome.
Science has been used to forward agendas many, many times.
What? You say that is misapplied science? Same goes for religion.
Collectively labeling theists as illogical is really not all that scientific of a statement. Have you also run tests to see if atheists apply stone-cold logic to all aspects of their lives?
Certainly one so learned would run tests to determine if this were the case before making such a statement.


Religion is simply easier to understand while science has complex and diverse answers to many questions religion only has one to every question: “God did it.” Logic and evidence can be confusing but blind faith is much easier.


Religion influences the UNconscious. The primal instinctive fears of all animals. Those who are truly conscious are less susceptible to animal instincts.


Religion purports to have all the important answers, about ultimate existential issues–why life; purpose of life; after-death; and it appeals to our negative emotions. But often science in fact validates some religious / spiritual ideas, such as the unhealthiness of anger, envy, etc. I like spirituality and science, but religious is a bad drug.


Religion does not serve the collective. It is not assimilated.


Yes, in fact, indubitably.


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