When is the right time to cast spells or do rituals?





I have been reading that during the dark side of the moon , a witch unless experienced, should avoid doing magick, as results are unpredictable. Another book suggests only do magick at this time and by full moon results are visible, a guage if you will to show how the spell is progressing… I have read about moon phases, star signs, sun signs etc. and the only result of my studies is this pounding head ache. Please help…as condence as possible. Thanks.
Thank you all for your answers…some are extremely helpful.
All replys together are proving to be a great lesson in its self.
I’m sure those who are insightful will know what I mean…. Blessed be….)o(


  1. I dont think that stuff works but if it does PLEASE contact me, cuz I looked into it for a while, out of curiosity and I think i need it right now.
    Oh and sorry people on here are being so mean about it. They don’t know how to respect individual beliefs.

  2. I usually cast my spells on my girlfriend near midnight. That’s when I unsheath my magic wand and stir her magic cauldron and…
    You get the picture.

  3. Simple.
    To draw things towards you, do spells/rituals during the waxing moon (as it grows from new to full, especially from first quarter to full)
    To banish things or push things away, do spells/rituals during the waning of the moon (from full to new, especially from full to third quarter).
    The Dark of the Moon is the three (or 7 I’ve heard) days before the new moon, and this is a time of rest, magic should not be performed at this time. However, it is a good time for divination – tarot readings, rune readings, etc.

  4. go find a member of one of these satanic secret societies or a pagan or a witch or a freemason. Or maybe a tarot card reader. They do everything according to numbers. They are fascinated with numerology and the occult world centers around dates and stuff like that.
    God warns Christians to stay away from that stuff. It’s real. And it’s real dangerous. It’s a realm of spiritual warfare that no one in his right mind would want any part of. You’re dealing with things that are way over your head.

  5. Why are you wasting your time with such stupid nonsense? You could be getting a pounding headache plus a wallet full of money being an astronomer or astrophysicist.

  6. When ever you feel lucky I guess. 🙂 Spells are wishful thinking and don’t work. No offense to you personally. No one can cast a spell on another human being.
    Only the weak minded or gullible, and I’m not being mean here or referring to you, think that someone actually cast a spell on them and then try to make it real in their own mind out of fear….

  7. Don’t listen to these people.
    What books have you been reading?, if you don’t mind telling.

  8. Have you ever read the Bible, there is the greatest power of the world and you can use it anytime during any season and do no cause you headache..

  9. The traditional answer from the Charge of the Goddess is “once in the month, and better it be when the moon is full…”, however, some Wiccans use the full moon for celebration and the dark moon for magickal working.
    Many Wiccan females (which I presume you are from your avatar) find that they are more magickally effective at the time of menstruation and estrous (ovulation), and believe that the “moon” terminology was only meant as a polite way of stating this.
    My best advice is to experiment and find out what works best for you.

  10. Sorry, but there is no right time for rituals or casting spells. That
    is the work of the Spirit of darkness. You need to burn all those
    instruction books on witchcraft, pray to God to forgive you, tell
    the Devil to “get behind me”, and spend time thinking on good
    times and good things. God warns about witchcraft in his
    instruction book (The Holy Bible). Put your energies into reading
    His book and you will come out of that darkness into the Light.
    ‘ Jesus is the Light of the World. Find out for yourself. You’ll be
    glad you did.

  11. ok a dark moon is the best time to do spells for change, change in your self though, dark moon is good for introspection, meditation on area’s of your life you wish to better or change and then do your spell for the change.
    as for waxing and waning moon. the best time to do a spell for gaining something, ie riches, love, friendship, a better attitude towards something, ect. is when the moon is waxing. the best time to do a spell for getting rid of something, a bad Habit, negative energy or feelings of some sort, is when the moon is waning.
    hope this helps. just remember :
    waxing ( getting larger) gaining
    waning (decreasing in size) getting rid of

  12. You are living in an imaginary universe. Hope you’re enjoying it; but I’m not sure you are.
    “I have read about moon phases, star signs, sun signs etc. and the only result of my studies is this pounding head ache.”
    because, those books were written by con artists on the prowl for suckers. Looks like they’ve found one. Those headaches are trying to tell you something, and it’s called: cognitive dissonance. You are torn between knowing how the world actually works and wanting it to be like in the Harry Potter books.

  13. The dark side of the moon is never visible on earth. I think you mean an eclipse and no one (even experienced) should attempt it.
    The energy you use depends on what it is you want to do. Yes there is a right time but we do have brains to use in that respect. For example you can invoke prosperity on the new moon or banish poverty on the full moon. The result is the same…

  14. Wow. Normally these sort of questions get real informative answers from knowledgeable Pagans/Wiccans. I’m sorry that the vast majority of your answers are from ignorant haters who have no clue what they’re talking about. *Sigh*
    As has already been said, a waning moon is used for banishment spells and a waxing moon for spells to bring something to you.
    However, I personally perform spells to bring spells toward me on the night of the new moon just before the waxing cycle begins. Likewise I perform banishment spells the day after the full moon.
    Do not perform any magick when the moon is void of course. A void of course is when the moon is in between two signs (i.e. when the moon has left aries but it isn’t yet in taurus). There are some good sites on the internet that have lunar calendars so you can check.
    Some witches do not pay any attention to what sign the moon is in when they cast spells and they still have great results. Personally, I pay close attention to the moon signs (not only for spells but because I believe they have a profound effect on how people and animals behave and feel). You should be able to find a book website that will have a moon sign correspondence chart.

  15. Whenever you feel there is a need to do so. There are no absolute rules. And every pracitioner of magic is going to have their own way of doing things, which is why books will not always agree with each other and some will totally contradict each other. You will find out what works best for you the more you practice.
    I tend to go by the same guidelines as Epona has stated above. But that doesn’t mean if there is a need for something now, I’m going to put off the spell for two weeks and wait for the appropriate moon phase. And the reasons I would do a ritual don’t necessarily have to do with spellwork, as rituals are for connecting with and honoring my gods – so I can do that any time.
    So, think about it this way – you can adjust your intentions to accomplish the same goal and move in harmony with the moon if that’s what you wish to do.
    Say my friend is really sick and asks me to do a healing spell tomorrow. We’re going into waxing moon phase – so I would do a spell for drawing healing energies to my friend, for my friend’s health to grow better.
    But if we were going in a waning moon phase, I would do the spell for ridding my friend of their illness, for my friend’s pain and dis-ease/discomfort to diminish.
    Get it? Hope that helps.

  16. Greetings, the phase of the Moon is but one form of correspondence to consider, there is also the time of day, days of the week, that “time of the month” when you were born, and materials used. I know all of your research has given you a headache for I myself have had many of these when I first started using magic. The best thing to do if you wish your headaches to subside is to do what “feels” right. Correspondences are helpful in aiding in the shift of consciousness and getting better results but it all comes down to the belief of the practitioner and harming none. There are also books available to help you and I am not talking about simple spellbooks though those are quite helpful too but there are book which discuss magickal correspondences in detail and also many websites available to help you. Also if you want something on hand for quick reference for the busy little witch, try getting the latest copy of Llewellyn’s Magical Almanac. These correspondences are already charted out for you.
    Bright Blessings

  17. For me l think casting spell is all about your intention. You can not wait for full, waxing or whatever moon shape before you cast your spell. For instance, if you are sick you do not wait for a doctor that will be available in two weeks time or more. What l think is important to know is knowing what you are doing and try to cast your spell at night. Night is really important in magic and that does not mean you can’t cast your spell during the day. I work with angels and l know when to contact the angels that l need to work with. What l want everyone out there to know is that you have the power to solve your problems whenever you deem necessary. It is your right, all you have to realise is that you are a spiritual being and tap into that and unleash the God in you.

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