When is the best time to do magick?To all Witches, Warlocks etc..?

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I’ve read that doing negative magick should be done during the waning moon. I’ve also read that to rid someone eg; hotfoot powder, you should apply it regularly, but does that mean I have to wait until each waning moon phase or it shouldn’t really matter since it’s negative anyways? I’m guessing it’s for the purpose of its effectiveness.
I’ve noticed that this has worked on some people, but some are really hard to get rid of. Could you tell me why this is?


  1. That depends on how involved in astrological correspondences you want to get. The different hours of different days can be pulled into the working of magic.

  2. It doesn’t work at all. Go ahead – curse me. Put down every type of spell in the book. Nothing will happen. Its all garbage. Grow up.

  3. Sure, some people use times in formulating when to do a certain type of spell, and if this is your style, do what you will. However, I always think the best time to do magick is right now.

  4. First of all, I’d just like to point out that “Warlock” tends to be an insult or offensive to many witches. “Warlock” basically means “oath-breaker” or “traitor” and one may be labeled such for being banished by their coven for breaking coven laws or revealing secrets outside of the coven. But the term “warlock” is mostly used in video games and fictional books/movies these days. A male witch is called a witch just like a female would be.
    Hot foot powder is more of an African-American hoodoo spell which is a somewhat different magical practice than witchcraft.
    It is believed that the best time to perform magic by some witches is to align with the phases of the mooon – magic to draw something to you like good health, good fortune, love, etc. should be performed when the moon is waxing (from new to full, full moon time being the strongest), and magic to banish something like breaking a bad habit, getting rid of an illness, removing an obstacle from your life’s path, etc. should be done when the moon is waning (from full to new). If you really want to get astrologically technical, there are even certain days of the week that are thought to be better for certain types of magic. However, it is also the general belief that if there is a need for it, the magic can be done whenever that need arises and can still be effective.
    Here is some more info on lunar & day correspondences:
    As far as your last question – it rather depends on who you’re trying to get rid of and from where. Some people you just can’t remove from your life entirely (like perhaps a coworker or a neighbor) but you can stop them from harassing you if they are causing you problems. If a spell isn’t working for you, perhaps you should consider setting up some psychic shielding around yourself (and your loved ones if needed) to deflect any negative energies that are being directed at you and return them back to the sender.


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