When is end times going to happen exactly, and where?

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I hear talk about Nibiru (planet comet), Jesus Christ 2nd coming in 2025, and 2012 spiritual awakening, does anyone have any real good information, or just hear say?

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Mitch P

That planet thing is crap, and its not coming that early and they believe the giants came from it in the bible. Supposedly nobody knows when the world will end, or its already ending.
To me though, the world seems to be ending all the time, so I doubt it would be easy to tell when its REALLY ending.


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We know that the universe is always building. That Jesus 2nd coming is about as honest as the Big Bad Wolf story. There was not a 1st time so how can there be a 2nd coming. All the other screw ball predictions are just that. Nobody knows.


Oh crap i thought this was a joke


That’s like trying to answer “when am I going to die” Technically, you already are dying, depends how you look at it. Sometimes things aren’t meant to be known. There are always people trying to come up with different theories but obviously no one really knows. It’s just their way of hoping they’ll randomly be right and… what, be famous? I hate to break it to them but if by some crazy chance they ARE right, the world will have ended! So really, it’s pointless to even try 😉
What really matters is, are you living with purpose? What is purpose? Who is God? etc


Pieces of a comet (probably Comet Tempel1) which has broken apart will fall to earth about 2038. Jesus Christ second coming about 2437.


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