Home Discussion Forum When I went to a Buddha temple I saw a man floating?

When I went to a Buddha temple I saw a man floating?

So is Jesus fake or how can Buddha make a guy float?
P.S. This was no magic trick and five of my other friends were watching.


  1. In Hell are marvels aplenty.
    But the seeing is different
    Hobbes – ‘Hell is Truth Seen too Late.’

  2. it probobly was fake, certain types of wire are invisible to the naked eye, get enough of them and he will be supported.

  3. Cool
    levitation was once a condemned spiritual gift, most people believed it was of satan
    i asked a similar question just this week.
    teleportation, invisibility, levitation and telepathy all seem to be spiritual gifts that come from the holy ghost, that is “if” a man seeks after them, it can be obtained.
    if a person will use the gifts for good, he will increase his ability for the sake of righteousness.
    i think that spiritual gifts happen because of faith whereever it is found.
    historically, i have heard these things happen where there is no christianity more predominantly because of the lack of faith.
    all gifts should be used to edify and to glorify God.

  4. Psychokinesis is a very real thing. Nothing mystic about it. You can spend twenty years learning to walk on water or you can take a boat.

  5. I have been going to Buddhist Temples for fifty years and I never saw anything like that. But there is an old Buddhist story that pertains.
    :Another story illustrates the Buddha’s attitude towards miraculous powers. One day the Buddha met an ascetic who sat by the bank of a river. This ascetic had practised austerities for 25 years. The Buddha asked him what he had received for all his labour. The ascetic proudly replied that, finally, he could cross the river by walking on the water. The Buddha pointed out that this gain was insignificant for all the years of labour, since he could cross the river using a ferry for one penny! “


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