Home Discussion Forum When I question the existence of the eternal world/other consciousness..?

When I question the existence of the eternal world/other consciousness..?

Last year, when I was 16, I began to question whether the world and reality is real or not, or is everything just a dream or illusion, and I questioned whether other people and human beings have a consciousness and a mind like me.
What does this reflect of me? Have I became more aware? Have my eye been opened? Does those question and thoughts I have show that my mental capacity have reach a new heights?
or does it mean I am a genius


  1. First off, Narcissists are faggots. Don’t be a Narcissist.
    Secondly, everyone has this phase. That’s all it is, a phase. Don’t think to much of it.

  2. At 16, it just means you are now starting to think for yourself and your life adventure will soon be yours to be responsible for. Good or Bad and other such opposites

  3. Your feeling is actually pretty accurate. There is nothing outside of the individual. We live in a world that is really just a reflection of our inner desires. Other people are a manifestation of your own inner desire. But this the true for everyone.
    Because you feel this you have the ability to go to the next level. What keeps us from perceiving our true reality is our own desire to receive pleasure for our own benefit i.e. our ego.
    To see the true reality, you must rise above your egoism and connect all those other people to yourself as if they are you.
    Here is a link to help you on your way.

  4. Yup. It makes you aware of your existence and your starting to wonder on which direction you are heading. And it doesn’t make you a genius. Everyone asks this kinds of question. It makes you a genius when you finally know your purpose and doesn’t brag about it.

  5. Ahh — the eye.
    What does it see by choice, compulsion, repetitions that can even become an addiction. Where is my common sense then?


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