When I look at peoples auras i get a horrible headache?

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Why is this? Is there a way to focus my eyes to avoid the headache?
Ok its bothering me everytime i read that lol. What i should have wrote is… When i focus on someones aura, i get a headache.
You cant see an aura from a picture, the picture itself can release an aura.. but it wouldnt be yours.

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This is normal for new users of this magic its true i was like that too it will go away the more you do it and the longer u have it

My Evil Twin

The auras are a side effect if the headaches. Go see a doctor.


just gaze, your straining your eyes. remember breathe and blink

Republackan [♥]

Look at MY aura..Do you get a headache? What do you see?


I don’t know much about this kind of thing, but I will just say I hope your headache gets better soon 🙂


I personally have never had this happen to me so…
Try to relax yourself, maybe let the colors kinda flow in very slowly as opposed to just seeing them all right in that instant. Also, maybe before you begin to see the person’s aura, put an energy helmet (green & gold energy) on your head. In other words, imagine you have a helmet on your head made with energy and it will help prevent headaches.
I hope these tips help!
Love and Light.


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