when I achieve astral projection how will I get to see some of my past relatives?





just think about them and they will show up?


  1. Astral projection might get you to see other places, but in real time. It has nothing to do with past relatives (I am assuming dead people). That is not astral projection but something else entirely.

  2. Astral Projection has nothing whatsoever to do with the world of the dead. In order to astral project you have to have been to the place your going to before. You have never been to the land where the dead are so, no way. Your past relatives are probably on thier next journey anyway. In thier next life. A. P. is fun, but I find more fun in serching my memorys for my past lives I have had. I used to A.P. a lot, but I found I lost to many friends. I would ask a friend to place something on the dineing room table and the next day I would tell them what it was. It was fun untill the women figured I could come into thier bedroom whenever I wanted. They didn’t like that idea at all. I never did that and what the women didn’t understand was, I could do it anyway if I wanted even if I was not concidered a friend. When you A.P. you can only see, you have no powers to move anything.

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