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When God tells you something, is it really your inner consciousness telling you something?

If I ask God something and he doesn’t give me an answer, what does that mean?


  1. Its hard to tell. I am a firm believer in God, but believe a lot gets lost in translation. I personally think God shows us our path rather than talking but I could be wrong. He has never talked to me but he has certainly SHOWN me plenty.
    just pray and ask for the right direction. Best of luck!

  2. It’s possible, now isn’t it? But what is the signifigance of your “inner consciousness” anyway? Won’t that just be a lovely novelty that will eventually wear off? Or will you just magnify and idolize yourself? And will that do any good? Follow the bouncing ball…

  3. Oh yes, it certainly is.
    It depends quite a bit on your culture, your upbringing, the belief of your parents, your peers etc.
    Whenever people say something with the word “God” in it, substitute it with “inner consciousness” or “conscience” and you’ll find that it fits right in!!
    For instance, God is always watching you, everything you do affects you (“All that we are is the result of what we have thought” – Buddha)—-> Our conscience is always alive – whether we are working hard at night to finish some important work, doing something even remotely evil, dancing happily, sleeping – whatever. Naturally, it affects our actions in the future.

  4. Not necessarily.
    I once heard Gods voice in my head like my conscience BUT he said something that wouldn’t have come from my head thoughts! Totally opposite of what I was experiencing at the time and thinking.
    My daughter was just diagnosed with a life long disability and I was in shock. All I could think of was get to my car and scream, cry, completely fall apart.
    Then as I walked out of that building I was stopped. Like something was in front of me. I saw nothing then I heard him in my head say, “(my daughters name) is going to be alright!”
    And she is.
    Another time I wanted to die. I was very very depressed. My daughter was having problems in school, my father had just died, my mother relied on me for everything and I was sick with no Dr knowing why. I prayed in my car for God to take my life. I then heard him again in my head say, “But I have great plans for you!” I was not in that frame of mind at all-I was drowning in my depression.

  5. There have been occasions when i thought God told me something, but i was mistaken. Luckily it was a minor matter. The lesson, though, was major. I have learned to test all spirits.
    Other occasions, i was NOT mistaken and it was very important, but the message was not meant for anyone but me.
    When God seems silent, it could mean that You already know the answer.

  6. Of course. Even a beginning bible student knows that God stopped talking to men halfway thru the bible. I guess the people who wrote the books of the bible figured they were much smarter than the god they previously presented.
    Men do not need conflicting scriptures, and contadictory religious doctrines to ‘teach’ them right from wrong.

  7. The Bible says that God speaks to us today through His Son (Heb. 1:1-3). Thus no one is going to hear voices in his head that come from God, Christ, or the Holy Spirit apart from the Bible.
    Some people confuse their own thoughts and feelings as being ‘from God.’ The fact is that our internal thoughts are simply us talking to ourselves.
    Think about it: God has said that He has given us all we need to live life and be pleasing to Him through the Bible (2 Pet. 1:3; 2 Tim. 3:16-17). It is “all truth” (John 16:12-13; Eph. 4:4-6). So if a person today was hearing something from God, what would it be?
    a. If it was something already in the Bible, why did He need to hear it directly from God?
    b. If it was not in the Bible, why did He need it? Such implies that the Bible was not all we need nor complete.
    c. If it did not agree with the Bible, it was not God who said it to begin with.

  8. Yes, it is your inner voice, the voice of your subconsciousness telling your consciousness it’s opinion.
    God is a myth and a fairy tale.

  9. a. Partly yes. Your consciousness is the speck of Universal Consciousness. (Atma – Paramatma) Because of that we are alive.
    b. Every desire/request need not necessarily be granted because it is the Giver’s descretion. God only knows what to give when and to whom and how. Prayer is our prerogative and we are receiving end and hence no choice!
    Genuine prayers after exhausting our sincere efforts (mental, physical etc) are definitely answered because of, according to Hindu belief, the total surrender immediately attracts God’s interference. The whole scriptures speak about it, several people have experience it and I too experienced it more than once.
    If you sincerely (Mind,words, action) pray to the God to help others, it will be done on priority because there is no selfishness. That is why all the Maharshis and great seers prayed for world peace and happiness always which includes indirectly their own well-being.
    The God in Sri Rama’s incarnation made a vow that whoever surrenders before him or help, even to test him, even His own enemy, even a great sinner, whosoever it may be, He will immediately help. Rather the God helps you and me to potect His own Vow, though we don’t strictly deserve the benefit. These nuiances can be understood as to the nature of the God through the readings of Scripture and with Sat-Sangatyam (Good friendship & company).

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  11. I have to go with S&Nrvo’s answer, but she said she might be wrong…and that I don’t agree with. I also am a firm believer in GOD and rather than speaking, he guides us through our spirit and conscious, and tries to lead us in the right direction….whether or not we do it , is our choice!
    If he doesn’t answer a prayer? Think about how many people are praying at the same time, and the importance of the different prayers. Also what we may think is for the best, may not be (for a reson we don’t understand sometimes). So if GOD doesn’t answer a prayer, it is not because he doesn’t love you, but because it is for a reason!

  12. God answers all our prayers. The replies come through different indications. One must be able to understand and realise. I will give you small example:
    One devotee brought a loaf of bread to give to God. While coming to Gods place, en route one beggar requested her for bread. She refused to give as it was meant for God. After some time a dog came for food. The devotee did not give it to dog also. Finally when the devotee reached the place of God, He did not respond for long time. Finally after some time God replied that he cannot accept it as his earlier two requests in the form of a beggar and dog were turned down.
    From this it should be understood that one should be sharp enough to understand the God’s responses.


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