When entering into another county, can you feel bad vibes or negative energy from it's surroundings?






I feel completely comfortable in the county that I stay in right now as well as other counties that I travel to from time to time.
But in other counties, I don’t care how many black or white people are there, or how clean the city is, if it does’nt feel right, it does’nt feel right, and i’m always anticipating on getting out of there and it could be a very clean county with fresh air, lots of shopping and everything but it’s just something about the energy in the air and I believe it’s the people’s.


  1. Some countries are very good, but are boring, like Dubai, boring as hell. Even though everybody drives mercedes and bmw, they don’t have different kinds of people and stuff

  2. Yes you can. Some places no matter what they are like can make you feel as though something is wrong or as you say negative or bad. I have felt like that is places in my own home state. They were really nice places but something seemed out of whack.

  3. while looking at houses for sale, i went into this one home that seemed really nice on the outside and had some great upgrades on the inside (hardwood floors to die for). it was all good until i went to the second floor. i literally ran down the stairs to get outside…i laugh about it today, but i felt completely creeped out and could not wait to get out…and no, i won’t go back again.
    and no…i don’t believe in ghosts but i do believe in following my intuition…

  4. It may be your subconscience’s latent reaction to how neatly turned out the border guard’s uniforms are.
    A sloppy AK47 gives me the willies where a cleanly kept Uzi makes me smile.

  5. Wow ! I would love to have your list of negative vibe countries. Do you think the feeling of something being out
    of place can in some way be attributed to the time differential? Maybe if its midnight at home,peppy folks in another country where it is
    9:a.m.. just give you a bad vibe, and add a little jet lag to
    that and you have hit upon a downer. I would like to know
    if others have had that experience.

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