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When doing a tarot reading what does it mean when a relatively positive card is in a negative placement?

In the book I have says when a favorable card falls into an unfavorable position the meaning of the card does not remain valid.It indicates the shadows of the arcacna. I’ve been trying to find out more on the internet and am having a hard time :(:(:(


  1. It depends on the card and the placement, but I’ve NEVER had a reading where I considered a card not valid just because it seemed incongruous with its meaning.
    Just because a book says something, doesn’t mean it’s true. The Tarot is a method of fortune-telling that channels one’s own insight through images and names.
    I usually take such cards to have negative implications of their initial meanings.
    For example, if I have a Sun card in a position that is in a negative place, I interpret that as empty, transient happiness… The kind you might receive from money or power. You may feel happy for a time but it isn’t real. The Star card in such a place might mean laziness or giving up – The Star represents a time to rest; instead you might be resting where you don’t necessarily need to, or just downright giving up.

  2. There is a very good rule in tarot, especially for beginners. Keep it simple. This sounds like a really crappy spread. Try a simpler spread, or simply ignore the positional meanings per se and read your spread based on how the energy of each card modifies the other. Too many esoteric, trying to be too deep spreads out there can confuse the beginner. Keep it simple, and tarot will speak to you in ways you’ve never imagined.

  3. I use the Celtic cross spread and there are no unfavorable positions.
    Try finding a new spread and take the meanings of the cards for what they are.


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