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When does the conscious mind recognize the actions of the subconscious?

I have a friend who I adore, and she has a b/f. I am very intuitive, and realize that she really isn’t happy right now. Furthermore, I see her making subconscious advances towards me, such as looking at me a lot, smiling and eyes light up when she sees me, body language and facial expression, etc. Her bf treats her very poorly, while I treat her very well. I have come to the conclusion that her subconscious realizes I would be a better choice, but her conscious mind has not. This is not wishful thinking on my behalf. I can tell if a girl really doesn’t like me that way. When I talk to her on the phone or on IM, she seems sad, but in person she smiles and her eyes light up. My question is this: How long does it take the conscious the recognize subconscious thoughts, if ever? Is there anyway that I could help speed up this process? Thank you.


  1. Dude, she may be into beating herself up. That can get hardcore.
    More then a few people are. How do you think they get people to willingly work some of the jobs they do?
    Only time will tell.
    If he treats her that badly, kicking his butt can at least make for some self-satisfaction. Worked for me.

  2. Well, she needs to have a friend have her realize it.
    It is hard for the conscious to realize what the subconscious does unless they notice a cycle and/or are shown by someone what they may be doing without their realization.

  3. “Is there anyway that I could help speed up this process?”
    -hehe, cute.
    patience my friend. great things come with patience. the wait is what makes everything so worth it. otherwise, where would we be if we always rushed everything towards what we wanted?

  4. I take it that you are aware that she has emotions that she does not recognize on the conscious level. Will she ever? This is impossible to tell. Some people do eventually, but many do not. This is the basis for many tragic stories.
    Helping this precess in yourself is a hard enough task. Dreams are one common way to become more aware of unconscious material. You might ask her about her dreams. If you do, do not be pushy and let her interpret unless she asks for your opinion and then be very careful about what you say.
    In the mean-time, tell her that she is a good friend (which is part of your ability to read her emotions clearly) and that she can always come to you if she ever has need. Learn what else you share, speak about common interests. Allow any love to grow.
    Realize that love is not romance and that romance always fades with time. She might have romantic attachments to her bf, but if they do not share love, then that relationship will end. Learn patience.


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