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When does life begin?

Ive always thought 49 days after conception is when the life force enters the body thru the pineal gland. 49 days is the first signs of fetal pineal tissue, the differentiation of the gonads into male and female, and how long it takes between the death of an individual and its soul’s next rebirth according to Buddhist tradition


  1. What do you mean by life? I fetus is alive from conception, but it’s life is more similar to a plant then a person until the 16th week when it becomes sentient.

  2. Maybe. I guess I think that the sperm and the egg are both alive, and so when they unite, they have in that instant created a new life.

  3. Physical life begins at conception. Spiritual life begins when you accept God into your heart. Eternal life begins when Christ welcomes you into paradise.

  4. OMG NO! Life begins at the sperm swimming through to get to the egg which is life already. So life doubly begin when a sperm and an egg meet to form a single cell!
    Because as any doctor will tell you, a single cell is alive!

  5. To me, life begins at the moment of conception because even though the “seed” is immature, it is still wholely human.
    In otherwords, a carrot seed does not become a radish at a certain point does it? It is always a carrot…even though immature.

  6. Well the sperm and egg are acting independently of each other so life is already in existence before conception, when they come together it is just the next phase of the system. Personally if you have the ability to breathe on your own then you are alive

  7. It depends on what your sociopolitical beliefs are. Alot of people who believe in evolution say that a bunch of molecules floating around in some genetic soup millions of years ago was life, but alot of the same people say that cells growing in the womb are not life because they’re not a “person”. Again, it all depends on your sociopolitical agenda.

  8. Life is everywhere!… And potentially its in each sperm and each egg!.. but for society practical reasons we are forced to draw a line… So, I would say: At birth!

  9. Life begins at conception. At any stage of development, a foetus is alive. It doesn’t become self aware, however, until some time after birth.

  10. No, life begins at conception. This is a scientific fact. By the time a woman knows she’s pregnant, the baby already has a heartbeat and brainwaves. He or she is already alive.
    I’ve seen an ultrasound taken at six weeks. The baby was most DEFINITELY a live baby!

  11. Human life begins at conception. Individually, sperm and egg cells have no potential for developing consciousness. At the moment they are joined, that changes. From then on, it becomes increasingly unethical to kill it.
    For other types of life, the point when their life begins may be totally different. Computers with artificial intelligence programs will someday become conscious. Some might even say that some of them have a low level of consciousness today. Anyone who says that a conscious computer is not alive is being conceited and naive. For such a mechanical being, the beginning of its life would be the moment it is first turned on after receiving the programming that allowed it to become conscious.

  12. Now this is a tricky question. it is obvious that you are referring to new life. If one is not to take a position- like 49 days or at conception etc- then there is still no definition. Part of the problem is that there is not a clear cut definition of what is life, when can we declare that X is a living organism. There have been various working definitions in the recent past but had be be revised as they were found insufficient. ( so sexual reproduction was discarded so was Oxygen as a definer of life, light went the same way, ditto motion etc).
    The sperm is alive and s is the egg. The question has only philosophical/religious or legal interpretation-opinions- for answers.

  13. For those of us who are pro-life, it begins at conception, but for pro-death…errr…”pro-choice” people it begins at whatever point they decide that they can no longer justify murdering….errr…”aborting” the child.


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