When does a baby or unborn baby form its consciousness?

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When do you think a baby forms consciousness and awareness? When does a baby in the womb start to feel stimulation and hear and is this consciousness? When do you think thinking begins?
I’m pregnant with triplets that I actually conceived naturally, a big surprise. I wonder if they are aware of each other too.

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Bill C

Not until they are 2 or 3.
Think about how stupid babies are until they are a few years old, no different than a dog, and we don’t ever say that dogs are conscious.


when the brain has formed enough to function

Old guy

I love your question and the reason for it. To those that have to say such ugly things; isn’t it past your bed time?
I have studied consciousness for a long time and I think that the answer will be debatable by many. However, there is real evidence that they are aware of your environment much sooner than we once thought. With reactions to diet, sound, and touch leading the way towards an argument that they must be conscious in order to react as they do. One of the most popular toys for newborns emulates the sounds that are typical in the womb. It puts a baby at ease and clams them like no other sound except possibly the sound of moms voice. This is because they have a memory of the sound. some would say where there is memory there is experience and thus consciousness.


I would argue that humans aren’t conscious until they are like 2 or 3.
Think about it, do you remember anything from that long ago? We were all just a bag of meat reacting to our environment.
Anyway, the nervous system (brain) forms in the second trimester, specifically week 15 or 20.

great gig in the sky

The issue is not consciousness, the issue is about life. To say they were conscious of each other is a comforting thought, however. All their life they will be connected, they probably already are. Not consciously or physically yet, but spiritually, for sure.

Hannah S

A baby’s brain starts to sense stimulus at 24 weeks. The ears start working at 28 weeks. Most babys still aren’t aware of anything except their own discomfort for 2 to 4 months after birth.
Is this your first pregnancy?


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