HomeDiscussion Forumwhen do you think naruto will use the fox's chakra?

when do you think naruto will use the fox's chakra?

also do you think Naruto and 9 tails will ever be in sync like 8 tails and bee?


  1. no eight tails does not seem evil however nine tails is evil and works with madara, he will never use that cause he uses that frog style chakra. that is way more powerful and does not destroy his body.

  2. the fox Has accepted Naruto as its host. the only problem is that the fox only acknowlages this because if Naruto dies so does the fox.
    i would also say that the fox and Naruto will eventually see eye to eye this only happen when the fox sees he is in more danger then ever. the main question is what of the other half of the foxes chakra. Naruto will only use the foxes chakra just as long as it is available to him. in one of the chapters the foxes eyes mixed with the sage eyes. this just shows that he may have partial control over the foxes chakra

  3. It’s been a while since I watched the series, but from what I understand is that Naruto uses the chakra when his energy is completely depleted or he experiences a huge adrenaline rush (usually through fear, anger, determination, anything that will give him that little spark.) With the first few tails, he becomes extremely swift and agile. However, as Naruto sprouts more tails, he becomes slower and more like the kyuubi. This also takes a toll on his lifespan and recovery time as the use of the Fox’s chakra becomes more dynamic and frequent.
    I will note that I believe I may be wrong or I’m missing some details on this. If I am, I am totally sorry.
    In any case, I hope that this…kinda…helps you out.


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