When do you start prenatal yoga?

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I just found a free prenatal yoga class. I want to go, but will most of the women be farther along than I am? I am about 15 weeks? Should I wait a little while to start the class?

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no way, go ahead and start!!!!


If you have never done Yoga before, then start the prenatal now. It will be a bit easier and safer for you then jumping into a traditional yoga class.
If you are experienced in Yoga, I wouldcontinue your regular Yoga routine until it is too difficult to do so, then switch to prenatal.
My Dr. always told me that I could keep doing what I was already doing, but be very careful when starting something new.


Go now! I am 13 weeks and wish i had a class to go to! It will probably make you feel good that your doing something, may help you look better than the other women when your as far along as them, and starting this early will also help you do better in yoga and other activities bc you did take this class at this point! Just watch when your 35 weeks along some 15 week old girl will join, or maybe theres another one already there!


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