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When do give up on trying to make up for past bad deeds?

I’ve had really bad luck lately and I truly believe it’s bad karma b/c the bad situations are identical to bad deeds that I’ve done in the past. So, now that bad karma has come back at me, am I now clear? Or do I have to go back to the people I’ve inflicted and make amends? Won’t they think I’m nuts, 5 years later? I really want to clear myself of my past bad karma.


  1. Doing the same things repeatedly, and expecting different results is not karma. It’s insanity.
    Give up paganism and embrace Jesus. He can remove the sin.

  2. Watching to much Earl? Don’t do the bad things again. That’s the best way to beat karma. If you can make up a bad deed then that’s not a bad idea. Sometime an apology works just as well.

  3. Ask Jesus to send you the Holy Spirit….He promised us that when he went away….Then do as he directs you…..If he tells you there is someone you should make amends with…then do it…..Just tell the person you remember a time when you did such and such to them and tell them you are trying to do God’s will and want them to forgive you.
    We are to take up our cross and follow Jesus and that cross can get very heavy at times……But it will be worth it all….


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