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When did you ever learn of the paranormal (ghosts, aliens, psychic powers, etc) allegedly being real?

It wasn’t until I was in my late teens that i understood that such things are allegedly true. Before that i only saw it on tv, thus the assumption was that it is fiction. In fact i thought aliens were 3 eyed monsters and ghosts were floating bed sheets. I never really had the idea of “extraterrestrial” and “spirits posing as dead people”. It was new to me.


  1. They’re not real.Most people realize that before their late teens.You’ve actually gone backwards.Go to the site below for a reality check.

  2. I do believe that ghosts/spirits are real. I know quite a few people that have seen them. I myself have seen some things but not as much as my husband. I think that some people are just more acceptable to these things and can see more.
    I don’t have any idea about the alien thing though, I have never had any experience with them.

  3. My family is riddled with story’s of the paranormal. I grew up with the knowledge that there were things that couldn’t be easily explained. So I guess I had a head start in thinking about it and weighing what I hear to decide what I believe and what I don’t.

  4. I had an early fascination with the paranormal. I would say I was 10 years old or so. I would read every book I could get my hands on. All of these books presented ghosts as a legitimate phenomenon. If you relied on these books as your only source of information you would be led to believe there is no question about it, ghosts exist.
    After I read so many books I started to get the sneaking feeling that perhaps the authors weren’t being intellectually honest. The accounts were told very sensationally and there never really appeared to be any investigation into the matter. I wanted to find out what ghosts were, what caused them, what laws allowed for a spirit to live on after the body, and so on.
    The unknown can be very fascinating and awe-inspiring. That is why I spent so much time on the subject then and this is what motivates ghost hunters today. I came to the conclusion that, due to a total and complete lack of evidence for something that so obviously existed, there was really no reason to believe in ghosts. Add to this lack of evidence the body of fraudulent and fabricated or misinterpreted evidence and you really don’t have much to go on.
    The only conclusion I can draw is that there are no such things as haunted places, only haunted people. If it is the people who are haunted it could be due to a number of things–delusion, imagination, wishful thinking, suggestibility or a supernatural cause. In my opinion Occam’s Razor eliminates supernatural cause as a possible explanation.
    Although I am open and willing to accept new evidence, I am perfectly comfortable assuming ghosts don’t exist.

  5. About 4 years or so ago when I became aware that there were people in my house I couldn’t see, watching me, some of them not so nice.

  6. Well when you are a tiny child and you wake up every morning to a person standing by your bed dressed in all white with their arms reaching out to you…I guess that would have been my first indicator. Or when I saw semi transparent people walking about minding their own business then disappearing into thin air. I knew from a very early age and I am a perfectly sane person and have been diagnosed as sane for those of you prepared to crack immature jokes. There’s no convincing me otherwise.
    Far as aliens go. We are a tiny speck in this Vast Enormous solar system and if anyone truly believes that we are the only planet in this entire solar system that can sustain life the way earth does, then they are a very close minded individual. I believe there are MANY other planets just like earth that have probably had people living there for thousands of years longer than us, so why wouldn’t they have the technology to come study a young planet like ours? Especially say…if they were college students etc. What a course to study! LOL!

  7. Interesting question. I would say in 4th grade when we moved into our new (but old) home. My aunt claimed to see a ghost. Nothing in my experience or education made this real so I dismissed it as her being weird or strange (she was and still is in other ways). So, that is when I learned of them allegedly being real. It wasn’t until I was 13 and had my own experience that I accepted that it was a real experience. I still do not know what ghost are or if they are real but I do know that seeing one is a real experience and that for me skeptical explanations fall short of explaining my experience.
    Aliens being real were much later in my life when I found out that some people connected them with UFO’s.
    Previous to that my first exposure to UFOs was when President Carter publicly spoke of his sighting (I was in High School)
    Psychic powers came when I was in college and attempting to find answers in both science and philosophy about my experience and discovered them as possible explanations that people offered for experiences of ghosts.

  8. the first time I experienced it. i was aware back it the early 70s before there was TV shows about ghost hunting.


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