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When did man become conscious of a higher being such as god?

It is suggested in some circles that human beings have evolved over many thousands of years and many years before the birth of Jesus, before he even existed it is documented that humans worshiped many gods especially the Romans and the Egyptians, where does the notion of one god stem from and as no god has ever been proven to exist, when and where did the consciousness of a higher being evolve?


  1. NEVER
    Nobody is ‘consious’ of a god… they just have faith (or believe regardless of a lack of supporting evidence) that a god exists.
    But your question is about monotheism
    In theology, monotheism is the belief in the existence of one deity or God, or in the oneness of God. In Western context, the concept of “monotheism” tends to be dominated by the concept of the God of the Abrahamic religions and the Platonic concept of God as put forward by Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite.
    The concept of monotheism has largely been defined in contrast with earlier polytheistic religions, and monotheism tends to overlap with other Unitary concepts, such as monism.
    Ostensibly monotheistic religions may still include concepts of a plurality of the divine, for example the Christian Trinity, or the veneration of Saints, as well as the belief in “lesser spirits” such as angels or demons.

  2. It originated in the Garden of Eden when God himself walked with the first human, Adam. He does exist, logic demands such.

  3. The conciousness of a higher being is recorded earliest bu the Sumerians, becuase they had the first writing system. They refer to their gods in their writings. Conciousness of a higher being had to have come around before this, because of the time it takes to a)write things down and b) figure out how the higher being(s) function(s).

  4. Well in the beginning man knew God. We in fact have devolved and have to rely on faith even though God talks to us through our conscience until our spirit is refreshed back to life.

  5. The idea of the supernatural arises from numerous shortcuts the brain makes with our perceptions.
    For example: put two dots on a piece of paper side by side. Underneath, put a small upward curve.
    These three features are enough to convince your brain to see a ‘smiley face’. But it’s just a pair of dots and a curve! This particular shortcut is the same that turns a triangle of knots in wood into a ‘wood spirit’.
    Once you have a concept of a supernatural realm, the rest pretty much develops on its own, on model of this is memetic evolution.

  6. Since before humand’s walked this earth god existed. He is the alpha and the omega. O ya the answer to your question “since
    humands existed”.

  7. It was hypothesized to explain the mysterious events that occur everyday. Rainbows, the Sun and Moon, weather, all of that stuff. Those in better social situations took advantage of these ideas and gained more power with them.

  8. Probably since the beginning of human consciousness. You can think about it physiologically and ask if you suddenly found yourself on this planet and had no science explanation. And all the things you see around you are man made. Then you would have to think the world was made from some divine being.

  9. As soon as man decides that this or that action is morally wrong, man has accepted the fact that a higher moral authority exists. This notion of a higher moral authority is the fundamental reason why a supreme being must exist.
    There are formal philosophical and logical arguments that are made as the basis for this statement that are too lengthy and complicated for me to discuss here.
    Keep in mind that God’s revelation to man began some 13,000 years ago when God communes with Adam and the first people on earth. The fact that others worshipped other “gods” only means that with the fall of mankind and the entry of evil in the world, a corruption of proper worship of God occurred.
    Moreover, Christ existed before He was born as a man on this earth. Indeed, Christ has always existed as the second person of the Godhead.

  10. I don’t see any reason why the one-god theory is better than the multiple gods of many religions, though yes the Jews managed to export their own tribal god to much of the world, including the Islamic parts.
    It seems to me that gods happened as soon as people realised there were things they could not know, and some shrewd operators began to make a living from ignorance.

  11. I’m frequently told Who do you think you are then God? I do believe I might be.So who is this higher being a impostor maybe.

  12. there is evidence that the cro-magnons and neanderthals both had a concept of religion/god…i think every person has wondered about their creation and how it happened…god is just an extension of that, groups of people trying to explain how and why they are here…,

  13. From the Foundation of the World. God made man write about Him. What is so hard to believe that God would want His creation to know about Him?
    In the Bible it tells us that Noah’s grandson Nimrod and his wife Semiramus had a son. Nimrod built the Tower of Babel. When Nimrod died Semiramus spawned many gods and goddesses for the people to worship. They worshiped the sun, moon, stars, grain, water, sea, fire, love, hunting, etc. There was a god for everything and they made little wooden or stone statutes of their gods and goddesses. They baked cakes for them in the shape of stars. They built temples for them and practiced all kinds of immorality inside the temples. For this reason God speaks strongly against idol worship in His Word.

  14. Now people got more smart they are asking who created God, and is allowing him to exist if he exist…I am one of the smart ones…The POPE loves me but JESUS hates me…because in one of my past lives I use to exchange coins….in one of the temples that usually visited…BOY!!! O BOY!!! I saw JESUS how violent can get!!!! I thank the ROMANS that were in Charge …his mother payed me the damages…and no charges where filled.

  15. No, pal – LONG before that.
    As soon as human language evolved (of which there were hundreds already 8,000 years ago, albeit not so sophisticated n using as well defined words yet), lighting, strong wind and watching birth/death led to such concepts being invented all over the place – they just didn’t write things down & preserve them for your viewing in those days.


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