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When did Consciousness develop in humans?

Like when did humans become Conscious? Was 2000 years ago? 4000 years ago? When did it first develop in humans and how old is it.


  1. Some people like to think that it was around 3600 years ago. No one really knows the exact date, but I suppose it’s not all that important. You will hear a lot of text book answers on this from the many ‘phycologists’, but they can only guess and assume things at best. I’m going to guess as well, and say that it was prompted by some kind of ‘internecine natural disaster’. Before that time there was piece and prosperity on the earth, and the conscious wasn’t needed because there were no complex issues with the environment or the self. This would before the ‘loss of innocence stage’, when we still respected the animals and the earth. So then the natural disaster occurs and it wipes out 90 percent of the earth’s population. The remaining survivors are so terrified by what the universe is capable of that they acquiesce into a state of delirium, a kind of insanity that manifested itself into the form of the conscious, a kind of inner god that told us ‘everything is going to be alright if you only follow me out of this’. We didn’t know how to cope with the disaster, so the conscious ‘saved’ us in the form of a defense mechanism.

  2. It depends on what you mean my “consciousness”; most large mammals appear self-aware to me, and, in some instances (like that ape that could talk in sign language), can even communicate it. To me, our logic and self control (self control being the result of logical predictions of future events and the long term effects of immediate actions) seems to separate us from animals far more than anything else. But I suppose that could be considered “consciousness” if consciousness was our ability to analyze ourselves rather than to simply identify ourselves.
    In short, if you’re talking about self-awareness, I think it was there before we were human. Otherwise, I have no frikin idea.


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