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When did consciousness come about?

Ants, for example, dont think about what they are doing, they just do it.
But we do, and we are not the only ones. Dolphins, dogs, cats, apes, and other animals think and are aware just like us.
So when did consciousness come about, and why?


  1. I don’t even understand what you’re talking about, hence, prima facie evidence exists contrary to the notion consciousness has truly come about.

  2. This morning about 6:30 AM when my alarm woke me up.
    Seriously…this is partly a philosophical/theological question and partly a biology question.
    How does one define “consciousness”? Is it the soul?
    Do animals (mammals) have a soul? Why can’t my tarantula form an emotional bond with me, but my dog can?
    Check out the wikipedia links below. They might give you some ideas to think about.
    Also research “artificial intelligence”. Computer scientists working on AI have given these concepts a great deal of though.

  3. im sure everyone thinks about what they’re doing
    (ex. ants)
    so it’s probably another mystery of the brain.
    you probably wont get an answer

  4. There is some debate as to whether plants are self-aware. But until they get the opposable thumb, we may never know.
    Ya see the problem here?

  5. how do you know that other beings don’t have thoughts? I don’t believe that for a second. Just because they don’t speak english doesn’t mean they don’t have thoughts. Their thoughts may be much more simple than ours are but I believe you are wrong to begin with for the most part on this question.
    Besides, asking that is like what came first the chicken or the egg. Its just pseudo-philosophical babble.

  6. Consciousness is regarded to comprise qualities such as subjectivity, self-awareness, sentience, and the ability to perceive the relationship between oneself and one’s environment.
    Dogs, cats and many other animals act by instinct, they do what they do but there is not a thought process behind of what they do, they just simply do stuff as long as what they do not treat their basic instinct of stay alive they will do stuff.
    Humans in the other hand Thinks about stuff, make decisions, change their habits, We are AWARE of our surrounding in a Consciousness way.
    but if you have any doubt, please take look at your Ant farm and ask your ants to do something..lol or ask your dog to do something,, unless the dog recognizes the Command and you have show a trick..I will guaranty that nothing will happens
    have a wonderful day


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