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When closing your eyes and focussing on ajna chakra – what do you see?


  1. I don’t see anything until I focus on opening it or begin drawing energy through it. It is also where I put up my “inner screen” for specific types of psychic work. So in that regard, I see whatever I want to see. When I close my eyes, I picture it as if it’s a real eye but oriented differently than my physical ones….instead of side to side, my third eye is up and down. Other than picturing a dominant color of indigo, I can’t add much more unless you give me a bit more detail as to your rationale for asking this question.

  2. Focussing our consciousness on particular chakra(centre of
    psychic energy) is to limit the consciousness.Focussing or
    concentration is an exclusive process and there is the participation of ego in it.When we focus on Ajna chakra which
    is situated between the eyes and above the root of nose we see flashes of light which is not of this world.During spontaneous meditation Ajna chakra opens by itself and there is the feeling of orgasmic unity with the whole existence.In this there is no relic of the ego and there is only
    the presence of Pure awareness uncontaminated by anything.


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