Home Discussion Forum When Bill W. co-founder of A..A. had.?

When Bill W. co-founder of A..A. had.?

When Bill W. co-foundrer of A.A. had some sort of awakening when he was going though terrible withdrawal do you consider that he had a real awakening a real spiritual experience that utterly altered his life. This is a question from an Atheist.


  1. Perhaps.
    But I find REALLY telling is the episode of “Bullsh*t!” that Penn & Teller did on A.A. They looked at the numbers, and found that the success rates for staying on the wagon were EXACTLY the same, whether you joined A.A. or not…

  2. I’ve been told that back when . . . it was not “Higher Power” or “God as we understand God” . . . .
    . . . it was just plain old fashioned . . . GOD . . . .
    Now my friends come in all shapes, sizes and beliefs . . .
    I know some that the GROUP is their “god” or “Higher Power.”
    You don’t have to believe in the big “G” God for A.A. to work .. . . .
    You just have to work the steps . . turn it over to the “care of God as we understand God.”
    Dan in Miami

  3. Millions of sober people seem to be the answer in and of itself..oh, and about Penn and Teller, if you are dumb enough to believe what they say I have a bridge to sell you in brooklyn.


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